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St Aidan’s College Common Room Membership & Optional Charges 2021-22

Monday, 4 October 2021 to Friday, 24 June 2022


The JCR is the student body compromising of undergraduates and postgraduates, providing a huge number of social and extracurricular opportunities including college sport, societies and the major social events (balls, most formals and fresher’s week). The JCR Levy provides membership of the JCR and is excellent value for money. Membership benefits include voting rights in JCR Meetings, access to sports teams and societies as well as subsidised entry to many large events that take place in college throughout the year. On top of this, the levy crucially contributes to the overall running of the JCR and the activities within it as well as funding many aspects of college life. The vast majority of students join the JCR; over 90% of new students signed up for membership of Aidan's JCR in the last academic year! If you decide to opt-out of paying the JCR Levy you will be subject to paying a premium for most JCR activities; the extent of the premium is specific to the particular activity and will be publicised appropriately. For example, if you are non-member you will pay more to attend JCR events such as formals and the summer ball and won't be able to participate in our sports teams. Ultimately, paying the levy ensures you have full access to the St Aidan's student community, a decision which year on year students feel is both worthwhile and value for money! Having a levy also allows us to have the liquidity to run events like summer ball, where we have to make purchases as early as January so couldn’t proceed on ticket sales alone (as otherwise we’d have to sell all the tickets before Christmas!).

Please note: if you paid the Levy as an undergraduate at Aidan’s you do not need to pay again for your Masters!

The Senior Common Room (SCR) is a vibrant and diverse community of postgraduates, College mentors, staff and others who maintain an ongoing interest in St Aidan's College. The inclusion and participation of postgraduates makes us unique amongst the Durham Colleges and is something we are very proud of. All SCR members regularly socialise together during Formal dinners, SCR Lectures and other events. To find out more see the College website.

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