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Online Events Registration

Trevelyan College Student Levies 2021-22

Monday, 4 October 2021 to Friday, 24 June 2022


JCR Dues

JCR stands for “Junior Common Room.” It is the community of undergraduate students in the College. “College” refers to a community composed of undergraduates, post-graduates, staff, and senior members and is managed overall by the University.

All College JCRs charge “JCR dues.” The Trevs JCR dues are £130.00 and cover the entire duration of your undergraduate career. This great value, one-off payment, which is made at the start of your time here, will enhance your student experience in many wonderful ways!

More specifically, your dues enable us to run and manage the entire JCR including the vast range of societies, activities, and services we provide. These include sports teams, music and performing arts societies, formal dinners, events of many varieties, as well as our facilities which include The Buttery (our college shop), our pool table, football table, Undercroft recreational area, and Upper JCR, all spaces for college members who ‘live in” or “live out’ to claim and enjoy space within the college. JCR dues also fund outreach projects, photocopiers, and decorations. All of these, plus so much more, combine to enhance your student experience during your time at Durham!

If you decide not to opt-in, you will be unable to take part in the activities and use the services the JCR provides. Crucially, if you do not pay JCR Dues, you will not be able to:
  • participate in elections
  • run for positions within the JCR
  • attend JCR formal dinners
  • attend JCR meetings to voice your opinions on JCR operations, as well as wider University issues
  • apply to work in The Buttery
  • join Trevelyan College societies including sport, music and drama, and other miscellaneous societies
  • join Trevelyan College JCR committees
  • use the JCR sporting equipment
  • enjoy JCR member reduced rate gym membership
  • apply for JCR funding
  • MCR Dues

    MCR, or Middle Common Room, dues are charged at the rate of £35.00 per year and allow our post-graduate members to use and take part in JCR events and facilities. By opting in, members may join any of the College societies, teams and clubs, run in and vote on MCR elections, attend the College formals and events, and many other good things.

    Refund Policy

    Students can ask for a refund up to two week after the closes of the Event Durham booking form. To do this the student should contact either the JCR President or Treasurer informing them of their desire for a refund.

    Contact Trevelyan President for enquiries about JCR membership, gym membership and Platinum Passes.

    Contact the College Secretary for enquires about Linen Packs and Library Contributions

    Contact Trevelyan MCR for enquiries relating to MCR membership.

    • Options

    Payment Methods

    • Credit/Debit Card