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Stephenson College Student Levies 2021-22

Monday, 4 October 2021 to Friday, 24 June 2022


The Junior and the Middle Common Rooms (JCR and MCR) are the student organisations within the College. The JCR focuses primarily on undergraduate students and the MCR caters for our postgraduate students, but both work together to organise events and activities, which are open to all students.

Currently the MCR operates as part of the JCR. To become a full member of the JCR or MCR students pay a membership fee. All Stephenson students are encouraged to join and take advantage of the savings on events and have their say on student issues. Both common rooms provide social facilities as well as supporting College activities, societies and sports teams.

The JCR have an elected Executive Committee headed by a Sabbatical President which represents it's student members at a College and University level. The JCR President this year, Charles Lawrence, has recently graduated with a degree in Ancient History. There are also elected Non-Executive Officers with specific responsibilities and a number of organising committees.

The MCR is headed by Harriet Axbey, who qualified as a teacher in 2018 and completed her Masters in 2019. She is currently studying for her PhD in the School of Education. There are also a team of MCR Exec members with specific responsibilities who support the running of the organisation. If you would like to be part of this team, please contact Harriet on email

The Common Rooms have a range of sports and societies to cater for students' interests and abilities. A comprehensive list of these can be found on the JCR website. You can also start your own club or society, just contact the JCR Sports Officer or JCR Societies Officer

JCR/MCR Membership Levy.

All students are asked to pay a Levy which is used to support the wide range of activities and events the JCR puts on for its members and the wider College community, as well as ensuring such activities are high quality. Be it our sports teams and societies, wellbeing events, enrichment opportunities and the highly anticipated Winter and Summer Balls, the Levy is integral to all of them. JCR/MCR members receive a 50% discount on all JCR events, including tickets to our Balls.

Students seeking a refund should do so before (not including) Monday 11 October 2021. Any refund offered will take into account additional costs (i.e. JCR Membership discounts).

For any other queries please email or

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