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Van Mildert College Levies 2021-22

Monday, 4 October 2021 to Friday, 24 June 2022


Membership of the Middle Common Room (Postgraduates Only)

The Middle Common Room at Van Mildert College is a lively community of over 200 postgraduate students. The common room is run by a committee of its members, for its members, who organise various events and trips specifically tailored to postgraduate students. While all activities have a social and community focus, many of them also have a wider academic or research aspect to them. Through your membership you can also stand and vote in elections and play an active role in student governance within the College. In addition, postgraduates who are members of the MCR automatically become members of our undergraduate body, the Junior Common Room (JCR). The JCR provides additional services and a host of other benefits including a wide range of clubs, committees and societies alongside running things like the gym on the College’s behalf. The membership fee of £35 per year means that you are able to fully participate in the life of the MCR and make the most of your time in Durham. The membership fee goes towards subsidising the running of the MCR and its activities. Not opting into the charge means that you will not be entitled to take part in these activities or will be subject to an additional charge per event where non-members are invited.

If a student decides they no-longer wish to participate in the student life of Van Mildert College (MCR membership), a refund can be applied for up until the end of the first week of term (Sunday 10 October). Students who join the MCR after this point, having experienced college life, will not be able to apply for a refund.

For any queries please contact or

Membership of the Van Mildert Association

Payment of this one-off charge offers lifetime membership of the Van Mildert Association; the alumni association of Van Mildert College. The association offers current students access to a network of alumni who provide careers mentorship and support engagement with College life through the provision of vital scholarships and bursaries. Alongside this the association organises reunion events for current and former students throughout the year across the UK and overseas. It has a membership of many thousands of former students many of whom remain in contact with the College long after graduation. The VMA is an independent organisation to which membership fees will be transferred.

If a student decides they no-longer wish to become a member of the Van Mildert Association, a refund can be applied for up until the end of the first week of term (Sunday 10 October). Students who join the VMA after this point will not be able to apply for a refund.

For any queries please contact or

Bedding Pack for New Students

Van Mildert College offers you the opportunity to purchase a bedding back from the College ahead of your arrival. The bedding pack contains a duvet, pillow, fitted sheet, duvet cover and pillow case. If you are travelling from overseas or are limited in the amount of belongings you are able to transport to Durham, this might be a convenient option for you. The bedding pack will be available in your room upon arrival following the payment of this charge.

Please note that once opened, the charge for this bedding pack cannot be refunded unless the contents of the pack are faulty.

For any queries please contact or

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