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Pop to the pub for a 'Pint of Science'

(16 May 2019)

Fancy a Pint of Science? Why not head down to your local and learn about quantum computers, nuclear threats, or great ape emotions?

These are just some of the fascinating topics that will be discussed as part of this year’s International Pint of Science Festival, taking place at a pub near you.

Who’s it for?

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to enjoy the talks - the aim is to make science accessible to all by enabling researchers to present their discoveries in their local communities. You don’t even need to have a drink!

Each talk will last 20-30 minutes and there’ll be lots of opportunities to ask questions. There’ll also be a range of fun, science-related activities including, comedy, quizzes, puzzles, and other interactive activities.

Where can I get involved?

The venues for the Durham Pint of Science talks are The Boat Club on Elvet Riverside, and The Old Cinema Laundrette, 38 Marshall Terrace.

Tickets cost £4 and are available from the Pint of Science website.

Please note that children are welcome but adult supervision is advised.

Full details

The events taking place in Durham next week are as follows:

The Boat Club

Monday 20 May - From Quantum Computers to the Faintest Galaxies

  • PhD student Nicholas Spong (Physics) will discuss ‘The State of Quantum Computing’ and Dr Azadeh Fattahi (Physics) will explore ‘What the faintest galaxies teach us about the universe.

Tuesday 21 May - Nuclear Threats and Planetary Collisions

  • ‘Safeguarding Cities from Nuclear Threats’ will be the topic for Dr Adam Tuff (Senior Nuclear Physicist, Kromek) and PhD student Jacob Kegerreis will explain what happens when ‘When Worlds (Literally) Collide’.

Wednesday 22 May - Planets, Black Holes and Galaxies

  • Astronomy is full of observations and some of them challenge our current understanding of the cosmos. Listen to Dr Jakub Sholtz and Dr Alejandro Benitez-Llambay (both Physics) discuss what this means for scientific research.

The Old Cinema Laundrette

Monday 20 May - Live well with Pain

  • Dr Paul Chazot (Biosciences) and a panel of experts will discuss the science of pain, the problem with current opioid treatments, new drug ideas and new ways to deal with persistent pain without the need for drugs.

Tuesday 21 May - Emotional communication in humans and great apes

  • Dr. Anthony Atkinson (Psychology) will consider how different emotional states are characterised by specific bodily movements, and Dr Zanna Clay (Psychology) will explore the emotional communication of our closest living relatives, the great apes.

Wednesday 22 May - The developing brain

  • Postgraduate students Reny Kiryakova, Rachel Mowbray and Sam Keenaghan will cover topics including ‘How to make good decisions in an uncertain world’, ‘walking in complex environments’ and ‘using virtual reality to understand own-body awareness’.