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Common Awards


This page provides all the most current approved versions of each the overarching Common Awards module documents. View each TEI's set of module overview tables.

Overarching module documents

As part of the Common Awards curriculum framework, a portfolio of overarching modules was developed and approved. TEIs choose which modules they will deliver for each of the programmes they offer (in line with the requirements set out in the programme specifications).

For each overarching module, there is a 'module outline' that sets out key information, such as the module title, basic content, learning outcomes, and assessment options. The information contained in the overarching module outline forms a 'core' that all TEIs must include in their modules; this helps to ensure comparability and consistency across the Common Awards programmes. For ease of reference, the module outlines are organised by Level of study in 'Module Books'.

The module outlines are also designed to enable TEIs to tailor the individual modules to their particular context, expertise, or student body. In particular, TEIs can choose the assessment methods for each module (from among the options presented in the relevant module outline) and they can specify the contact hours for each module (in line with the guidance on contact hours parameters).

All modules are allocated a unique 'module code' (e.g. TMM1501). The module code enables the University to identify modules; this is particularly important for the processes of module registration and marks entry.

Individual module outlines
Individual module outlines (alphabetical, by title) 29.07.15
New Modules
List of new modules 2015-16 18.06.15
List of new modules 2016-17 25.11.16
Contact hours
Contact Hours: Framework and Guidance 20.02.14

View the new modules for use from 2016/17.