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University Committees

Development and Communities Sub-Committee

Standing orders

Sub-Committee of the Senate Wider Student Experience Committee.

These Standing Orders should be read in conjunction with the General Committee (Joint) section of Standing Orders.


Ex Officio

  • Director of Experience Durham (Chair)
  • Chair of Colleges
  • Head of the Careers Service
  • Students’ Union Opportunities Officer
  • Students’ Union Director of Services
  • Director of the Durham Award (when appointed)

Nominated by the Chair

  • 3 members of College staff
  • A senior representative of Experience Durham
  • A representative of one of the Faculties, by rotation
  • A senior representative from the International Office

Nominated by the Students’ Union

  • 2 representatives of student undergraduate common rooms
  • A representative of student graduate common rooms

Invitation to attend meetings

  • Other members of the University may be invited to attend meetings for relevant agenda items.

Terms of Reference


The sub-committee shall:

(a) scrutinize policies, approaches and structures concerning student development and opportunities and, in doing so, provide assurance to the Wider Student Experience Committee of the standards and outcomes of activities associated with these areas of the WSE strategy;

(b) act as a forum for the collaboration and co-ordination of internal partners engaged in student development;

(c) assist the PVC (C & SE) in the engagement of local, regional, national and international partners who have the capacity to further enhance the WSE strategy and specifically student development and opportunities;

(d) scrutinise the provision of current facilities and infrastructure, and proposed future developments in relation to how they contribute to, and can further enable, the Wider Student Experience;

(e) regularly review opportunities for student development and levels of student engagement with those opportunities on the basis of changing needs and growth in the student population, making recommendations to the Wider Student Experience Committee, UEC and Senate, as appropriate;

(f) consider key measures of student development and opportunities, for example the Student Barometer, NSS and other institutional surveys and feedback from the student representative system;

(g) coordinate with Education Committee and relevant Committees on shared student development agenda initiatives;

(h) support and promote equality and diversity in all its activities.


The development component of the WSE agenda.

The community engagement agenda, specifically volunteering, fundraising and social action, and local, regional, and international outreach projects and partnerships.

DSOs and all recognised bodies.


To review on an annual basis the effectiveness of the Sub-Committee against its Terms of Reference. Any changes will be proposed in a Report delivered to UEC, then the Wider Student Experience Committee, and Senate, at the end of each academic year.


To set up standing Task and Finish Groups as necessary to expedite the PVC’s business.


The Sub-Committee shall receive regular reports from each of its Task and Finish Groups.

The Sub-Committee shall provide a report to each meeting of the Wider Student Experience Committee.