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Durham University

University Committees

University Executive Committee

Standing Orders

(Strategy committee of Senate and Council)

These Standing Orders should be read in conjunction with the Joint Standing Orders of Senate and Council.

Membership (Composition)

(Members 2018/19)
Ex officio members:
The Vice-Chancellor and Warden Professor Stuart Corbridge* (Chair)
The Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Provost Professor Antony Long
The seven Pro-Vice-Chancellors Mr Owen Adams
Professor Timothy Clark
Professor David Cowling
Professor Alan Houston
Professor Patrick Hussey
Professor Claire O'Malley
Professor Claire Warwick
The Chief Operating Officer tba
The Chief Financial Officer Ms Denise McConnell (Interim CFO)
In attendance:
Other Officers, staff and student representatives may be invited to be in attendance as business requires.
* The Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Provost or a Pro-Vice-Chancellor shall take the Chair in the absence of the Vice-Chancellor and Warden.
A full date after a member's name indicates that their term of office will expire on the 31 July in that year and a half date indicates the year of appointment of that member. eg (2014) (09) indicates that the member was appointed in 2009 and their term of office will expire on the 31 July 2014.


The University Secretary shall be Secretary of the Committee (Ms Jennifer Sewel).


The Committee meets regularly and reports to Senate and Council on a regular basis.

Terms of Reference

a) to manage the University’s Strategy and steer University business.

b) to monitor and report on the University’s performance against objectives and ensure prompt action as required.

c) to consider and make recommendations to Senate and Council on policy initiatives and other matters.

d) to take ownership and management responsibility for key risks.

e) to coordinate the University’s integrated planning and budgeting process, approve annual plans, and recommend the annual budget and financial forecasts to Finance Committee and Council.

f) to consider such matters as may be referred to it by Senate, Council and other University Committees.