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University Committees

University Executive Committee

UEC's role is to manage the University's strategy and steer its business; monitor the achievement of the University's objectives; consider and make recommendations to Senate and Council on policy initiatives and other matters; take ownership and management responsibility for key risks, and coordinate the University's integrated planning and budgeting process; approve annual plans; and recommend the annual budget and financial forecasts to Finance Committee.

UEC is a joint committee of Senate and Council and reports to these bodies on a regular basis. The Secretary of the Committee is the University Secretary.

The pages that follow give further information about UEC's role within the University's committee structure, its members and meetings.

Dates for Submission of Business

Dates and deadlines for the submission of business items to meetings of UEC during 2018/19 can be found on the main University Committees page. Information is also provided on the latest UEC business meetings to which items must be submitted in order to be considered for inclusion on the Senate and Council agenda.

Please contact Jennifer Sewel jennifer.sewel@durham.ac.uk or Kate Deeming at c.r.deeming@durham.ac.uk if you wish for an item to be included on the agenda for a UEC meeting.

Preparing UEC Papers

Please use these templates when preparing high-level papers for consideration by UEC.

In addition you may wish to consult the Guidelines for the Production of Papers for advice producing papers.

Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact jennifer.sewel@durham.ac.uk or c.r.deeming@durham.ac.uk.