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University Committees

Tuesday 9 November 2010

Business for Consideration


Welcome to New Member:  CH:


2. Minutes: 12 October 2010:  CH:  to approve Document S/10/15
3. Matters Arising
4. Vice-Chancellor's Business
a) Head of Department: CH: to comment
Professor James Piscatori, School of Government and International Affairs, for a period of 3 years from 1 January 2011.

b) Senate Advisory Panel on Ceremonies and Honorary Degrees:  CH:  to approve

Document S/10/16 Closed

Available upon request from GSU

c) General Business:  CH:  to receive oral update
5. Matters from Council:  19 October 2010:  CH:  to receive Document S/10/17
6. CSR and Browne Review Update: CH: to receive an oral update
7. A World University
a)   International Strategy 2010-15: CH: to approve Document S/10/18
Mrs Sharne Procter, Director International Office, is invited to attend to provide a brief presentation.
b)   Equality and Diversity: AF: to comment Document S/10/19
8. Employability and Skills: AF: to receive a presentation
Mr Sam Dale, Deputy Academic Registrar, and Mrs Catherine Richardson, Head of Careers Advisory Service, are invited to attend.
9. NSS 2010 Results: AF: to discuss Document S/10/20

Education Committee:  11 October 2010: AF: to receive

Document S/10/22

Research Committee:  21 October 2010: TMcL:  to approve

Document S/10/23

Available upon request from GSU

Business For Information

1. Action by the Vice-Chancellor:  CH: 
to report: that the Vice-Chancellor, acting on behalf of Senate and the Chairman of Council on behalf of Council where appropriate, have approved the following items of business since the last meeting of Senate:
a) Annual Committee Membership - Education Committee
The appointment of Dr Jonathan Imber to serve on Education Committee as the member, appointed by Senate, from the Science Education Committee (Postgraduate) for a period of three years with effect from 1 August 2010.
b) Head of Department
The appointment of Professor John Williams, School of Government and International Affairs, for a period of 4 months from 1 September 2010 to 31 December 2010.
c) General Regulation VII - Academic Appeals
Amendments to General Regulations to create the role of Vice Chairman of Senate Academic Appeals Committee (SAAC) and empower the Vice Chairman to alternate with the Chairman, as necessary, to consider individual appeals. The Vice Chair role also ensures continuity of cover for student appeals.
The amendments have the support the Chair of SAAC (Emma Murphy) and are to be effective immediately.
(Details available from GSU if required)
2. Academic Progression Committee: 20 October 2010: CH: to receive Document S/10/24
3. Senior Appointment: CH: to receive Document S/10/25
4. Honorary and Visiting Titles:  RC/AD/SK:  to receive Document S/10/26
5. Schedule of Senate Business 2010/11: CH: to receive Document S/10/27
6. University Executive Committee:  CH:  to note
The minutes of meetings of UEC are available for the information of members on the University’s website at

Please note that there is no document S/10/21


AF     Professor Anthony Forster, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Education) 
RC    Professor Robin Coningham, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Social Sciences & Health)
AD    Professor Andrew Deeks, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Science)
CH    Professor Chris Higgins, Vice-Chancellor & Warden
SK    Professor Seth Kunin, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Arts & Humanities)
TMcL Professor Tom McLeish, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research)