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University Committees

Tuesday 24 June 2014

1. To receive Declaration of Interests
2. To approve Formal Approval of Appointment of Acting Vice-Chancellor: GT S/13/68
3. To comment

Update on Recruitment of a new Vice-Chancellor, arrangements to be made by the Acting Vice Chancellor, and transitional arrangements for the current Vice-Chancellor: RH

Closed S/13/69

Clare Curran invited to attend for the above two items

4. To receive Thanks: The following have come to the end of their periods of membership, or are leaving the University, of Senate before the new academic year:
Professor Chris Higgins (Vice-Chancellor), Professor Tom McLeish (Pro-Vice-Chancellor Research)
Head of Department:
Professor David Wall(Applied Social Sciences), Professor John Evans (Chemistry), Professor Corinne Saunders (English Studies), Professor Pali Hungin (Medicine, Pharmacy and Health), Professor Martin Ward (Physics), Professor Charles Heywood (Psychology),
Head of College: Dr Jill Tidmarsh (Acting: Josephine Butler College)
Student member: David Morris (PG Student Representative)
AEA members: Dr Rebecca Gowland, Dr Andrew Millard
Co-opted: Professor Dave Petley (Dean of Research) and Professor Clare BAmbra ( Wolfson Institute for Health and Wellbeing)
5. To approve Minutes: 29 April 2014: CH S/13/70
6. To receive Matters Arising: CH
VC’s Business
7. To discuss Vice-Chancellor’s Questions
8. To approve Co-opted Membership of Senate: CH S/13/71
9. To receive General Business
Principal Items
10. To endorse Engagement Strategy for Key Partners: RH Closed S/13/72
Dr Tim Hammond invited to attend
11. To discuss Developing the Academic Strategy for Queen’s Campus to 2020: A Progress Report: RH S/13/73a, b
12. To discuss Strategic Review of Admissions: TW S/13/74
Committee Reports
13. To receive Report from Council: 20 May 2014: CH S/13/75
14. To approve Education Committee: 30 April and 28 May 2014: TW S/13/76 and 77
15. To receive Research Committee: 8 May 2014: TC S/13/78a, b, c
16. To approve Nominations Committee: 6 June 2014 by circulation: Annual Committee Membership 2014/15: CH Closed S/13/79
17. To approve Ethics Advisory Committee: 3 June 2014: APSH S/13/80
Information Items
To receive The following reports:
18. Annual Report on Appeals, Complaints and Discipline: TW S/13/81a, b, c, d, e
19. Annual Report of Quality and Standards Sub-Committee: TC S/13/82
20. AEA members of Senate: AM
To report: that the following have been elected to serve on Senate and the Standing Committee of the Academic Electoral Assembly for a period of three years beginning 1 August 2014. A List of members will be available at the meeting and in advance on SharePoint.
21. Chair's Action and Business by Circulation: CH S/13/83
22. Academic Progression Committee: 22 May 2014: CH S/13/84
23. Appointments and Resignations: CH (Available from GES upon request) S/13/85
24. Senior Appointments: CH S/13/86
25. Emeritus, Honorary and Visiting Titles: DC/RC/PH S/13/87
26. Progress Report of Agreed Actions: CH S/13/88
27. University Executive Committee: CH
The minutes of meetings of UEC are available for the information of members on the University’s website at
Post Senate Discussion
28. To discuss Update and Q&A with Capita: RH
Andy Shenstone and Guy van Koetsveld (Capita Consulting) and John Pritchardinvited to attend

(DC) David Cowling, Interim Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Arts and Humanities)
(RC) Robin Coningham, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Social Sciences and Heath)
(TC) Tim Clark, Dean of Postgraduate and Undergraduate Education
(GD) Gayle Ditchburn, Interim University Secretary
(APSH) Pali Hungin, Vice-Chair Ethics Advisory Committee
(CH) Chris Higgins, Vice-Chancellor and Warden (Chair)
(RH) Ray Hudson, Deputy Vice-Chancellor
(PH) Patrick Hussey, Interim Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Science)
(AM) Andrew Millard, Chair of AEA
(GT) Graham Towl, Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Deputy Warden
(TW) Tom Ward, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Education)