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University Committees

Tuesday 19 June 2012

Business for Consideration


Welcome to New Member: CH

2. To approve Minutes: 1 May 2012: CH Document S/11/90
3. To receive Matters Arising: Minute 67a)Statute Changes: GT Document S/11/91

Chair's Business


Vice-Chancellor's Business:

To comment a) Senior Officer Appointments and Reappointments Document S/11/92 Closed
Strictly Private and Confidential to Senate Members Only
To approve b) Co-opted Membership of Senate Document S/11/93
To receive c) REF: Oral Update
To receive d) Draft IT Strategy: Oral Update
To receive e) Staff Survey Results: Oral Update
To comment f) Heads of Department

i) MLAC: Dr Edward Welch for 3 years from 1 September 2012;

ii) Theology and Religion: Professor Alec Ryrie for 3 years from 1 August 2012.
To approve g) Senate Advisory Panel on Ceremonies and Honorary Degrees Document S/11/94 Closed
To receive h) General Business: Oral Update
To receive i) Report from Council: 15 May 2012 Document S/11/95

Key Discussion Items:

Research Strategy

5. To comment Research Action Plan 2012/13: TMcL
Available on request from GSU

Education Strategy

6. To approve Employability and Enterprise Skills Strategy 2012-2017: AF Document S/11/97
7. To approve Principles for the Strategic Management of the Master’s Portfolio: AF Document S/11/98
8. To approve Shape and Length of Academic Year (including Term Dates 2015/16 to 2017/18): AF Attachment VIII of Document S/11/108
9. To approve Final Report on Diversity and the Curriculum: AF Document S/11/99
10. To approve Review of Module Evaluation Questionnaires: AF Document S/11/100
11. To comment Education and Postgraduate Strategies 2012/13 Action Plan: AF Attachment V of Document S/11/108

Other Business

12. To comment Validation of theology and ministry programmes: AF Document S/11/101 Closed
Strictly Private and Confidential to Senate Members Only
13. To approve Access Agreement 2013/14: CH Document S/11/102
14. To comment Ethical Framework: CH Document S/11/103
15. To approve Renaming of School of Medicine and Health: RC Document S/11/104

Committee Reports

16. To approve Education Committee: Report from:16 May 2012: AF Document S/11/108
17. To receive Research Committee: 3 May 2012: TMcL(Available on request from GSU) Document S/11/109
18. To approve Nominations Committee: 7 June 2012: CH Document S/11/110

Vacation Powers

19. To apporve the proposal that the Vice-Chancellor and Warden or his designated representative be authorised to take such action, on behalf of Senate, in relation to matters of a routine or non-contentious nature as may be necessary during the long vacation, noting that the Chair reserves the right to call an extraordinary meeting if this is deemed to be the appropriate course of action.

Business For Information

20. To report Action by the Vice-Chancellor: CH

that the Vice-Chancellor, acting on behalf of Senate and the Chairman of Council on behalf of Council where appropriate, have approved the following item of business since the last meeting of Senate:

Education Committee Membership: The approval of a change in Colleges’ Division ex-officio represented on Education Committee with the Principal of Ustinov College being replaced by the Deputy Head of Colleges’ Division (Student Experience). This change would take effect from 2012/13. The amendment has the support of the Deputy Warden and Professor Anthony Forster. (Copy of changes available from ASO if required

21. To receive

Academic Progression Committee: 24 May 2012: CH

Document S/11/111 Closed
22. To receive Appointments and Resignations: CH (available from GES upon request) Document S/11/112
23. To receive Senior Appointments: CH Document S/11/113
24. To receive Appointment of Postgraduate Examiners (Research) 2011/12: AF
(Names of examiners approved by Education Committee will be available for consultation at the meeting)
23. To receive Annual Summary of Business to Senate 2011/12: CH Document S/11/114
25. To receive Emertus and Honorary and Visiting Titles: RC/AD/SK Document S/11/115
26. To note University Executive Committee: CH
The minutes of meetings of UEC are available for the information of members on the University’s website at
(Please note that there are no documents 94, 105,106 or 107)

RC Professor Robin Coningham, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Social Sciences and Heath)
AD Professor Andrew Deeks, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Science)
AF Professor Anthony Forster, Deputy Vice-Chancellor
CH Professor Chris Higgins, Vice-Chancellor and Warden (Chair)
TMcL Professor Tom McLeish, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research)
SK Professor Seth Kunin, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Arts & Humanities)