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University Committees

Tuesday 18 June 2013

Business for Consideration

1. Thanks to Retiring Members: CH
The following have come to the end of their periods of membership, or are leaving the University, of Senate before the new academic year.
Heads of Departments/Schools
Professor Robert Simpson, Anthropology
Professor Chris Scarre, Archaeology
Professor Peter Tymms, Education
Professor Joe Painter, Geography
Dr Edward Welch*, MLAC
Professor Justin Willis, History
Professor Deryck Beyleveld*, Law
(* subject to new HOD nominations below being approved)
Student Members
Mr Archie Dallas(President Durham Students’ Union)
Miss Katie Hall (PG Representative)
Mr Carl Nelson (UG Representative)
AEA Members
Dr Marcela Cazzoli-Goeta
Dr Danny Chow
Dr Russell Hill
Dr Ulrich Krohn
Professor Ranald Michie
Professor Lorna Fox O’Mahony
2. To approve Minutes: 30 April 2013: CH

Document S/12/74

3. To receive Matters Arising: CH
4. To receive Report from Council: 14 May 2013: CH

Document S/12/75

5. To endorse Senior Re-appointment: CH

Closed Document S/12/76

6. To endorse

Heads of Department: CH

Law: Professor Roger Masterman for a period of 3 years from 1 August 2013
Modern Languages and Cultures: Dr Alexandra Harrington for a period of 3 years from 1 September 2013

VC’s Business

To discuss

a) Vice-Chancellor’s Questions

To receive

b) Update on Planning and Budgeting

To receive

c) General Business

8. To receive REF Update: TMcL
9. To endorse Principles for a Research Strategy post-REF 2014: TMcL

Document S/12/77

10. To approve Research Strategy Action Plan 2013/14: TMcL (available on request from GES)

Attachment I-II of Document S/12/81

11. To receive Governance Review Project Update: AC Document S/12/79
Alexis Cleveland, lay member of Council and member of the Governance Review Project Board, will be attending Senate and presenting this item.
12. To approve Education Committee: 2013: TW Document S/12/80
13. To approve Research Committee: 2013: TMcL (available on request from GES) Document S/12/81
14. To approve Nominations Committee: 20 May 2013: Annual Committee Membership 2013/14: CH Closed Document S/12/82
15. To approve Vacation Delegation of Powers: CH
The proposal that the Vice-Chancellor and Warden or his designated representative be authorised to take such action, on behalf of Senate, in relation to matters of a routine or non-contentious nature as may be necessary between this meeting and the first meeting in Michaelmas 2013, noting that the Chair reserves the right to call an extraordinary meeting if this is deemed to be the appropriate course of action.

Business For Information

To receive The following reports:
16. Annual Report on Appeals, Complaints and Discipline: TW Document S/12/83
17. Annual Report of Quality and Standards Sub-Committee: TC Document S/12/84
18. Academic Progression Committee: 2013: CH Document S/12/85
19. Appointments and Resignations: CH (Available from GES upon request) Document S/12/86
20. Senior Appointments: CH Document S/12/87
21. Honorary and Visiting Titles: RC/AD/SK Document S/12/88
22. Annual Cycle of Senate Business 2012/13: CH Document S/12/89
23. Progress Report of Agreed Actions 2012/13: CH Document S/12/90
24. AEA: Membership of Senate: AM
To report: that the following have been elected to serve on Senate and the Standing Committee of the Academic Electoral Assembly for a period of three years beginning 1 August 2013:
  • Catherine Alexander
  • Louise Amoore
  • Michael Bohlander
  • Mariann Hardey
  • Peter Swift
  • Dagou Zeze*
    *indicates reappointment of a current member
25. University Executive Committee: CH
The minutes of meetings of UEC are available for the information of members on the University’s website at
Please note that there is no document S/12/78.


AC Alexis Cleveland, Lay Member of Council
RC Robin Coningham, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Social Sciences and Heath)
TC Tim Clark, Dean of Postgraduate and Undergraduate Education
AD Andrew Deeks, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Science)
CH Chris Higgins, Vice-Chancellor and Warden (Chair)
SK Seth Kunin, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Arts & Humanities)
TMcL Tom McLeish, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research)
AM Andrew Millard, Chair AEA
TW Tom Ward, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Education)