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University Committees

Tuesday 17 February 2015

1. To receive Welcome: RH
Professor John Barclay (Acting Head of the School of Modern Languages and Culture)
Senior Appointments: RH
2. To receive Acting University Secretary Closed S/14/43

Clare Curran invited to attend

3. To ensorse

Appointment of Permanent University Secretary

Closed S/14/44

Clare Curran invited to attend

4. To receive Vice-Chancellor Recruitment Update oral

Clare Curran invited to attend


Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Social Sciences and Health)

To report

that the interviews for the role will be taking place on 16 February. It is therefore proposed to circulate electronically the recommendation of the panel to Senate members for endorsement prior to Council approval being requested at its meeting in March.

To receive

an oral update from the Acting Vice-Chancellor on the recruitment process.

Clare Curran invited to attend

6. To receive

Declaration of Interests: RH

7. To approve

Minutes: 9 December 2014: RH


Matters Arising: RH

To receive

Minute 38: Safeguarding Children Policy and Safeguarding Adults at Risk Policy: An oral update from the COO.

To receive

Minute 56: Any Other Business (Security Training): An oral update from the COO.

9. Head of Department: (Chair of the Board of Studies): RH
To endorse a) Theology and Religion S/14/46
To agree b) Durham University Business School
Delegated authority to be given to the Acting Vice-Chancellor to endorse on behalf of Senate, for Council approval, the nomination from the Board of Studies in Business for the appointment of the Chair of the Board of Studies.
VC’s Business
10. To discuss Update from the University Executive Committee: RH S/14/47 Closed
11. To receive Student Safety at Durham: RH oral
12. To discuss Vice-Chancellor’s Questions: RH
13. To approve Co-opted Membership of Senate: RH S/14/48
14. To approve Re-appointments of University Representatives: RH S/14/49
Principal Items
15. To discuss REF: Outcome: CW Presentation

Val Wooff invited to attend

16. To discuss Adademic Strategy Development Update: RH S/14/50

John Pritchard invited to attend

17. To discuss Equality and Diversity Update: TW S/14/51

Clare Curran invited to attend

18. To receive Higher Education Review 2016: TW S/14/52
Committee Reports
19. To approve Education Committee: Report: 10 December 2014: TW S/14/53
20. Research Committee: CW
To approve a) Report: 11 December 2014 S/14/54
To receive b) Minutes: 15 January 2015 S/14/55
21. To discuss Academic Progression Committee: 28 January 2015: RH S/14/56
22. To receive Report from Council: 20 January 2015: RH S/14/57
23. To receive Senate Advisory Panel on Ceremonies and Honorary Degrees: Report of Outcome/Acceptances: RH S/14/58 Closed
Information Items
To receive The following reports:
Chair's Action: RH S/14/59
Appointments and Resignations: RH (Available from GES upon request) S/14/60
Senior Appointments: RH S/14/61
Emeritus, Honorary and Visiting Titles: DC/RC/PH S/14/62
Annual Cycle of Senate Business 2014/15: RH S/14/63
Progress Report of Agreed Actions: RH S/14/64
University Executive Committee: RH
The minutes of meetings of UEC are available for the information of members on the University’s website at

(DC) David Cowling, Interim Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Arts and Humanities)
(RC) Robin Coningham, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Social Sciences and Heath)
(KD) Kate Deeming, Acting University Secretary
(RH) Ray Hudson, Deputy Vice-Chancellor
(PH) Patrick Hussey, Interim Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Science)
(GT) Graham Towl, Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Deputy Warden
(TW) Tom Ward, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Education)
(CW) Claire Warwick, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research)