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University Committees

Tuesday 15 October 2013

Business for Consideration

1. Welcome to New Members: CH

Acting Head of College
Dr Jill Tidmarsh (Josephine Butler College)
Head of Departments
Professor Carl Bagley (School of Education)
Professor Helen Ball (Anthropology)
Professor Chris Gerrard (Archaeology)
Dr Alexandra Harrington (MLAC)
Professor Julian Horton (Music)
Professor Antony Long (Geography)
Professor Roger Masterman (Durham Law School)
Professor Stephen Taylor (History)
AEA Representatives
Professor Catherine Alexander (Anthropology)
Professor Louise Amoore (Geography)
Professor Michael Bohlander (Durham Law School)
Dr Helen Stain (School of Medicine Pharmacy and Health)
Dr Peter Swift (Physics)
Student Representatives
Mr Dan Slavin (Durham Students' Union President)
For the October Meeting only:
Mr David Morris (Academic Affairs Officer)
Mr Chris Pocock (Development Officer)

2. To approve Minutes: 18 June 2013: CH


3. To receive Matters Arising: CH
4. To receive Report from Council: 2 July 23 September and 24 September 2013: CH


5. To endorse

Heads of Department: CH

English: Professor Simon James for a period of 3 years from 1 August 2014;
Music: Professor Julian Horton for a period of 3 years from 1 October 2013.


VC’s Business

To discuss

a) Vice-Chancellor’s Questions

To approve

b) Joint Senate and Council Appointment Committee for Interim Pro-Vice-Chancellors

To receive

b) General Business

7. To discuss

REF Submission: Equality Impact Assessment, size and shape of REF 2014, and plans for 2020: DP

The three Deputy Heads of Faculties, Clare McGlynn (Social Science and Health), Graham Sandford (Science), Philip Williamson (Arts and Humanities) and Val Wooff (REF Coordinator) invited to attend

8. To approve Governance Review: Update: PJ S/13/04
Andrew Mitchell, Chair of the Governance Review Project Board, invited to attend
9. To discuss 2013 Admissions Update Report: TW (Available from GES upon request) Closed S/13/05
10. To approve Education Committee: 17 June 2013: TW S/13/06
11. To receive Research Committee: 20 June 2013: RD S/13/07
12. To approve Proposed Changes to Standing Orders and Other Key Governance Documents: PJ S/13/08

Business For Information

To receive The following reports:
13. Action by the Vice-Chancellor: CH S/13/09
14. AEA: Membership of Senate: AM
To report: that Dr Helen Stain has been elected to serve on Senate and the Standing Committee of the Academic Electoral Assembly for a period of one year beginning 1 August 2013.
15. Appointments and Resignations: CH (Available from GES upon request) S/13/10
16. Senior Appointments: CH S/13/11
17. Progress Report of Agreed Actions 2012/13: CH S/13/12
18. University Executive Committee: CH
The minutes of meetings of UEC are available for the information of members on the University’s website at


(RC) Robin Coningham, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Social Sciences and Heath)
(RD) Richard Davies, Dean of Knowledge Exchange and Impact and Deputy Chair of Research Committee
(AD) Andrew Deeks, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Science)
(CH) Chris Higgins, Vice-Chancellor and Warden (Chair)
(PJ) Peter Judge (University Secretary)
(SK) Seth Kunin, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Arts & Humanities)
(AM) Andrew Millard, Chair AEA
(DP) Dave Petley, Dean of Research (REF)
(TW) Tom Ward, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Education)