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Durham University

University Committees

Research Management Committee

(A Sub-Committee of the Research Committee)

Standing Orders

These Standing Orders should be read in conjunction with the Joint Standing Orders of Senate and Council.

Membership (Composition)

(Members 2018/19)
Ex officio members:
The Director of Research and Innovation Services Dr Andrew Jackson
The Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research) Professor Colin Bain
The Deputy to the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research) (Chair) Professor Louise Bracken
The Deputy Heads of Faculty for Research (with Faculty Research Committee Deputies acting as alternates):
  • Arts and Humanities
Professor Fiona Robertson
  • Business
Professor Richard Harris
  • Science
Professor Christine Merrell
  • Social Sciences and Health
Professor Stefan Przyborski
The Director of Strategic Planning Mr John Pritchard
The Librarian (or their nominee) Mrs Liz Waller
The Director of Strategy & Change, CIS Simon Brownsell
The Head of Financial Management Information Angela Williams
The Head of Research Development Ms Lorna Wilson
The Head of Research Policy (Secretariat) Mr Niall O’Loughlin
Appointed members:
Academic Representatives (x4) Dr Matthew Tugby (Arts & Humanities); Professor Susan Braun (Business);
Professor Debbie Riby (Science) and Professor Gillian Bentley (Social Science & Health)
The following Members will be invited for relevant items and receive committee documents:
Head of Partnerships & Engagement in R&IS Ms Julie Swinbank
Dean of Knowledge Exchange Professor Jon Gluyas
The Director of Marketing and Communication Mr Andrew Buckley (Interim)
The Director of Cultural Engagement tbc
The Deputy Head of Colleges for Research and Scholarship tbc
A full date after a member's name indicates that their term of office will expire on the 31 July in that year and a half date indicates the year of appointment of that member. eg (2020) (17) indicates that the member was appointed in 2017 and their term of office will expire on the 31 July 2020.


The Secretary will normally be a member of Research and Innovation Services (Mr Niall O'Loughlin).


The Sub-Committee shall normally meet 6 times a year.


As per University statute 41c the Committee shall be quorate when attended by ten members or not less than one-third of the current membership (whichever is the lower figure).

Terms of Reference

a) Monitor and report to Research Committee on progress with implementation of policies and strategies agreed at Research Committee or which support the Research & Engagement and Enterprise strategies;

b) Develop, monitor and review research governance arrangements and related activities such as training and skills development for researchers;

c) Monitor, support and report on compliance with external sector concordats, standards and policies, particularly where these support income and reputation e.g. Open Access;

d) Manage and oversee all central development funds (including RIF and Seedcorn), including decision, distribution, audit and evaluation against stated aims;

e) Review Departmental and Institute research practices and support structures in order to promulgate best practice, and report any strategic issues to Research Committee;

f) Monitor and consider external award and income data for faculties and departments, and report any strategic issues to Research Committee;

g) Consider strategic issues arising from Faculty Research Committees, and identify and recommend to Research Committee good practice in managing, promoting and resourcing research;

h) Receive updates on the University’s Research Information Systems, their performance, development, suitability, policy and operation. Including Library repository, Data catalogues and RASS systems;

i) Support and enhance Durham University’s international reputation for research and its outreach, including to the academic community as a venue for academic conferences / meetings and as a host for research fellowships, and to the wider community via impact and engagement activities;

j) Ensure that the University has effective support structures in place for the publication and dissemination of research (including Open Access & Open Data);

k) Report on its responsibilities to Research Committee.