Durham University

University Committees

Process of Appointment

The responsibility for reviewing the memberships of the committees of Council and Senatel lies with Governance and Nominations Committee (Council) and the Senate Agenda Setting Committee (Senate).

Both committees conduct an annual review of Committee memberships for recommendation to Council or Senate as required. They are also responsible for ensuring that there is an appropriate balance of skills, expertise and experience on each of the committees, and will make recommendations to Council or Senate on this basis, taking into account any recommendations arising from discussions with the chairs of those committees.

The process of review is led by the University Secretary, who is responsible for the overall effectiveness of the University’s governance changes, supported by Governance and Executive Support and the network of other committee secretaries.

The responsibility for reviewing the memberships of sub-committees normally lies with their parent Committee. Please contact the secretary of the committee for further information.

All expressions of interest from those who meet the necessary criteria will be considered in discussions with the chair of the relevant committee.

Regretfully we cannot therefore guarantee that the submission of an expression of interest will necessarily lead to appointment.