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Who sits on Council?

Ex-officio members

  • The University Chancellor
  • The Vice-Chancellor
  • The Deputy Vice-Chancellor
  • The Dean of Durham
  • The President of Durham University Students' Union
  • Postgraduate Academic Officer, Durham University Students' Union (in attendance until Statutes changed)

Lay/Independent Members appointed by Council

  • 12 appointed lay members (not being teachers or salaried staff in the University or any of its colleges)

Staff Members appointed by Council

  • 7 appointed members of University staff at least 5 of whom are academic staff with research and teaching responsibilities (normally taken to mean lecturers, senior lecturers, readers and professors. None of whom are serving members of the University Executive Committee)

Chair of Council

The Chairmanship of the Council is held by a lay member of Council. The Chair is responsible for the leadership of the Council and for its effectiveness. Council also appoints 2 lay members as Vice-Chair(s).

Term of appointment of Council members

The initial term of appointment of all appointed members of Council is 4 years, renewable for a second term of up to 3 years. Appointment to a third term of up to 2 years is reserved for exceptional circumstances, linked to the sustained high performance of a member and taking into account the strategic needs of Council. Members should not normally serve a continuous period of more than 9 years.

Terms of appointment of current members

Register of Interests

A register of interests of all Council members is retained by the University Secretary.