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Durham University


Expense Claim Guidance Notes

Members of Council, as Trustees of the University, may claim expenses for undertaking official Council business in line with these guidance notes. Expenses which do not relate to legitimate activities as a member of Council will not be reimbursed by the University.


Mileage Rates

Rate - £0.45 per mile.

Rail Travel

Council members may travel First Class for journeys over an hour normal duration.

Air Travel

Business Class may be used for flight times exceeding six hours.


Taxis can be provided for transport to and from the train station/hotel/University while in Durham and must be booked through Kendra Greaves. Once booked, please keep the taxi company updated if you are delayed - Sherburn Taxis on telephone number: 0191 3723388.


Members may claim reasonable expenses for meals whilst away from the University.


Overnight accommodation prior to meetings can be provided in Durham for lay members on request from Kendra Greaves.

Members of Council will be reimbused (on production of receipts) for overnight stays outside of Durham.

Other expenses

Reasonable business-related communication expenses (such as telephone calls) will be reimbursed.

Process for claiming expenses

Lay Members of Council/Student Representatives

Complete a Request for Payment form stating:

  • name and contact details;
  • the appropriate payment method, for payment by bank transfer include bank details;
  • under Payee category insert 'Council member' into the box for 'Other';
  • under Type of Payment select 'Other';
  • details of expenditure.

Leave blank the Expenditure Allocation, signatory and description sections.

Attach a receipt for each item of expenditure, excluding mileage.

Submit completed forms and receipts, within three months of the events for which you are claiming, to Kendra Greaves.

Staff members of Council

Submit expense claims and receipts using the People+ portal.