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University Committees

AEA Representatives on Senate (Contacts)

The following members of staff have been elected to Senate as representatives of the Academic Electoral Assembly.

The Secretary is John Marsh, Policy Support Officer, in Governance and Executive Support.

Secretary: Dr John Marsh

All Elected Members:

Professor Catherine Alexander (2016) (13)

Professor Louise Amoore (2016) (13)

Professor Gillian Bentley (2017) (14)

Dr Andrew Gallant (2018)(15)

Professor John Girkin (2018)(15)

Dr Mariann Hardey (2016) (13)

Dr Gleider Hernandez (2017) (14)

Dr Alan Kenwright (2017) (14)

Dr Sarah Price (2018)(15)

Dr Thomas Renstrom (2017) (08)

Dr Kay Schiller (2018)(15)

Dr Helen Stain (2017) (13)

Dr Peter Swift (2016) (13)

Dr Marek Szablewski (2017) (02) (Vice-Chair)

Ms Laura Todd (2018) (11) (Chair from Jan 2015)

Dr Jonathan Tummons (2018)(15)

Professor Dagou Zeze (2016) (10)

A full date after a member's name indicates that their term of office will expire on the 31 July in that year and a half date indicates the year of appointment of that member. eg (2014) (09) indicates that the member was appointed in 2009 and their term of office will expire on the 31 July 2014.