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University Committees

Senate Academic Appeals Committee

Standing Orders

(Business/Operations committee of Senate)

These Standing Orders should be read in conjunction with the Joint Standing Orders of Senate and Council.

Terms of reference

1 The members of the Committee shall be:

  • A Chair and two Deputy Chairs (not to be the Pro-Vice-Chancellor who chairs the Education Committee)
  • Three members appointed to represent the three Faculties
  • One member appointed to represent the Colleges

2 In the circumstances outlined in the General Regulation VII Academic Appeals, section VII paragraph 8(d) another Chair may be appoined to serve for a particular case.

3 The Chair, Deputy Chair and the four members of the Committee, together with a nominated deputy for each of these members shall be appointed by Senate on the recommendation of the Nominations Committee.

4 The Faculty and Colleges members shall be members of staff of Lecturer grade or above who are not probationary and who have held their post in Durham for at least three years.

5 Normally at least one member of the Committee shall be a woman and at least one member shall be a man.

6 The Faculty members shall serve for periods of three years and be eligible for reappointment. One member shall retire each year. The Colleges member shall serve for a period of three years and be eligible for reappointment.

7 No member of the Committee should have been involved in the matter at an earlier stage.

8 The Committee shall follow the procedures as set out in General Regulation VII – Academic Appeals section 9. The Committee may submit reports to the Senate if an important point of principle is to be determined, or in individual cases, as it judges appropriate.