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Durham University

Colleges and Student Experience Division

International Students


Universities Minister, Michelle Donelan MP, has written a message of support to international students during Covid-19. The letter also provides some helpful links to health, well-being, and other resources.


The Student Immigration Team are here to help you, and are providing advice and support remotely, by email. If you need advice or guidance on immigration, or if you need to make a request for a CAS, you can access support in the following ways:

  • For questions regarding your Visa, or for guidance about remaining in the UK or returning home, please contact the team using the Immigration Enquiry Form
  • For the latest Covid-19 immigration updates from the University and the Home Office, please see the news page
  • To make a request for a CAS, for a Tier 4 extension, please complete the CAS Request Form
  • PhD students nearing the end of their studies can access CAS information and guidance on the Doctoral Extension Scheme (DES) here
  • Access to detailed guidance on a range of immigration issues related to completing your studies, Police registration, and working after studies, can be found here.


This is a potentially stressful time for everyone, but particularly for those who feel isolated from their usual support networks by distance and time zone.

  • We will all feel better if we can create and sustain good networks for mutual support. Engaging with groups on WeChat or WhatsApp, or other social media channels, can help to combat isolation
  • Your College can also assist you with finding networks of support. Make sure you contact your College to see if there are any groups you can join. Your College Officers are also available for more general support issues throughout the pandemic period
  • If you feel you need specialist support, you can self-refer to the Counselling Service. The Service is working remotely, and can offer counselling sessions via Microsoft Teams. If you are experiencing isolation, anxiety, and depression, which impacts your capacity to be supported by family and friends, please approach the Counselling Service
  • On the Counselling Service webpage, you will find information about accessing the specific Out of Hours Support, as well as view links to online mental health resources. The resources available are linked specifically to the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, and resultant isolation.


Durham International Students' Association can offer support if you remain in residence in Durham.

You can contact the ISA via email:

or, you can contact them via their Facebook group.


Your College Common Rooms are available to support you, too, as well as offer you a virtual community to engage with whilst in self-isolation in Durham, or at home. Find your Common Room in the list below, and click the links to join groups and find more information. This page is updated regularly.

College of St Hild and St Bede - SRC

Collingwood College - JCR & MCR

Grey College - JCR & MCR

Hatfield College - JCR

Hatfield College - MCR

  • Make sure you check your emails regularly for updates from MCR President Henry
  • Join the Facebook group.

John Snow College - JCR

Josephine Butler College - JCR & MCR

Stephenson College - JCR

Stephenson College - MCR

St Aidan's College - JCR

  • Join the Facebook Group for all Aidanites, for quizzes, group yoga, memes, and much more
  • Stay tuned for Alex's President's Weekly Wipe email for updates and news on events in Easter Term
  • Email Alex, the JCR President, with any questions, concerns, and comments you have.

St Aidan's College - SCR

St Chad's College - JCR & MCR

St Cuthbert's Society - JCR & MCR

St John's College - SJCR

St Mary's College - JCR

St Mary's College - MCR

  • Email if you would like to join the 'MCR Info' chat, which cascades the email bulletins to your WhatsApp
  • Follow @marysmcrfreshers on Instagram
  • Join the St Mary's College MCR Facebook Page
  • Check out the MCR website
  • Follow this link to join the Microsoft Teams 'Isolation and Chill' group
  • Email Aiden, the MCR President, with any questions you have, and if you'd like to join the informal Mary's MCR chat group
  • Check out what the JCR are up to and get involved if you'd like to do so.

Trevelyan College - JCR

Trevelyan College - MCR

University College - JCR

University College - MCR

Ustinov College - GCR

  • The GCR has a Discord Server to allow students to keep in touch with one another via text and voice. Get in touch with GCR President Diana for more information
  • There will be a Ustinov Pub Quiz every Thursday at 8:30pm on Zoom. Check out the Facebook group for more information
  • Stay tuned for more information on movie nights via watch parties
  • Find out more information on wellbeing and social distancing on the GCR website
  • Join the GCR Facebook Group
  • Check out @ustinovgcr on Instagram
  • Follow the GCR on Twitter @UstinovGCR
  • Contact GCR President Diana if you want to join the WhatsApp Group and WeChat Group.

Van Mildert College - JCR

  • Check out @mildertmeansquarantine on Instagram
  • Join the Facebook group for all JCR members.

Van Mildert College - MCR

As well as the Groups and Pages you can explore in the list above, you can email your Common Room President for more information: