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A selection of publications commissioned from/through CODEC, whilst further publications can be found under each individual team member. We also sponsor the Journal of Religion, Media and Digital Culture.

Igniting the Heart: Preaching and Imagination

Author: Revd Dr Kate Bruce

Kate Bruce. Igniting the Heart: Preaching and Imagination. London, UK: SCM Press, 2015. 206 pages. $27.

Kate Bruce is an ordained Anglican priest and Deputy Warden and Tutor in homiletics at Cranmore Hall in Durham, United Kingdom. Igniting the Heart is based on her 2013 Ph.D. thesis at Durham University. She calls for preachers to ignite faith by sparking imaginative connections with the hearer. Her focus on creativity and the sacramental nature of preaching is an invitation for preachers to honor God’s Word with their best use of words and images. Read more

Security and Privacy in a Digital Age

Author: Revd Dr Peter Phillips

The report explores issues of security and privacy in a Digital Age. What does the internet know about us? Are we safe online? What at the implications of the Snowdon leaks and the NSA/GCHQ snooping furore? How could the Church respond to the growing issue of digital security? The report makes some recommendations about the safe use of data and the need for responsible action on the part of all users of the internet and digital applications.

The report was commissioned by the Methodist Church as a response to a Memorial sent to the Methodist Conference in 2013. The report was prepared for the April meeting of the Methodist Council but was not placed on the agenda. It is likely to be put on the agenda for the October meeting. Since the report deals with contemporary issues of the moment, it has been agreed that the report be published on the CODEC website without delay. 

Download PDF: Report on Security and Privacy

Raising Children in a Digital Age Book Cover

Raising Children in the Digital Age: Enjoying the Best, Avoiding the Worst

"In this vital and timely book, Dr Bex Lewis shows us how to empower young people to get the best out of new technology and to avoid it’s drawbacks. For most parents, teachers and youth leaders, getting to grips with new technology is a huge challenge – Twitter, Facebook, blogging, chat rooms, email, the internet and beyond – and as technology changes and young people grasp it faster than the older generations do, it can be a real struggle to know what to do to help, equip and defend."

Released by Lion Hudson, 21st February 2014

Let the Bible Live front cover

Let the Bible Live

An innovative approach to discipleship & mission was adopted in the North Yorkshire Dales - using many different approaches to get the Bible 'back out into the community' and encourage discipleship & nurture by and within local rural churches (read more about this on the Arthur Rank Centre).

The 2013 report is now available hard-copy from CODEC for £4.00, or free via PDF. For your copy please send a cheque made payable to "St John's College" to CODEC Admin, CODEC, St John's College, 3 South Bailey, Durham, DH1 3RJ

Growing Churches in the Digital Age

Growing Churches in the Digital Age

"For many churchgoing is no longer the ‘cultural norm’. People don’t actively ignore the church: they don’t even think about it. Matthew 5:13-16 calls us to be salt and light in the world, and for thousands in the ‘digital age’, that world includes social networks such Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest. With literally billions in the digital spaces, the online social spaces presented by churches need to be appealing, welcoming, and not look like they are just an afterthought: they are now effectively the ‘front door’ to your church for digital users, and you ignore those spaces at your peril."

Read article (August 2013)

Digital Communication, the Church and Mission

Digital Communication, The Church and Mission

"Digital communication, then, is about developing community and opening up communication channels. It is about finding opportunities for common purpose where people can come and share with us and we with them. It’s about working together and eating together and, perhaps, even worshipping together. It’s about breaking down barriers between online and offline communities and seeking to share together"

Download PDF (June 2013)

View from the Pew Front Cover

View from the Pew

CODEC's 2009 pilot survey on the reception of preaching in the contemporary church, commissioned by the College of Preachers.

The report is now available from CODEC for £5.00. For your copy please send a cheque made payable to "St John's College" to CODEC Admin, CODEC, St John's College, 3 South Bailey, Durham, DH1 3RJ

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