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Discipleship Trove (2014 - Present)

CODEC is proud to launch Trove, a new site for digital resources for discipleship, commissioned by the Jerusalem Trust and in collaboration with 12baskets. Trove hosts a growing range of discipleship resources from across the spectrum of British Christianity, bringing together well-known resources by big publishers with hidden gems from smaller organisations and churches. Get in touch via our website ( or on Dr Marika Rose is the CODEC member especially dedicated to this project.

Common Awards (2014 - Present)

In association with Common Awards (a common suite of awards in Theology, Ministry, and Mission validated by Durham University), CODEC works to provide creative and innovative approaches to online and distance learning for ministerial training within the Church of England and Partner Churches, as well as theoretical and theological thinking to underpin such approaches. Dr Karen O'Donnell is the staff member especially dedicated to this task.

Biblical Literacy (2009 - Present)

One of CODEC's major areas of research since its inception has been biblical literacy, as some of the other projects listed below illustrate. In 2009 CODEC carried out a major biblical literacy survey in England and Wales, and preparations are underway for another major survey. CODEC's Director, Rev Dr Pete Phillips, is currently writing a book on biblical literacy in which he attempts to set out a more robust understanding of biblical literacy. With Pete, CODEC's Joshua Mann has been taking into account how the 'digital' affects biblical literacy, reception, and engagement. Additionally, from 2015, CODEC is carrying out research in partnership with a global organisation in the area of biblical literacy.

The BIGBible Project Logo

The BIGBible Project (2010-2015)

For Lent 2010, the North-East region undertook "The Big Read 2010" using Bishop Tom Wright's "Luke for Everyone". Pete Phillips was inspired for this to go national and digital, and brought Bex Lewis on board. We continue to run "The Big Read" annually for Lent, but also provide digital literacy guidance, seek to collect (digital) stories from across the churches, and have around 60 volunteers writing as 'digital disciples'. Our aim is to equip the whole church to have Bible conversations crossing barriers, both online and offline, with voices from the pew, the pulpit and the university.

Good News for Every Age (Lindisfarne DVD)

Good News for Every Age (2013)

The Good News for Every Age DVD was commissioned by the North East Council of Churches as a response to the the visit of the Lindisfarne Gospels to Durham in the Summer of 2013.

Proverbs 3:18

North Yorkshire Dales Biblical Literacy Project (2011–2013)

A 2-year project, sponsored by the Darlington District of the Methodist Church, the North Yorkshire Dales Methodist Circuit and CODEC, designed to assess the current state of biblical literacy in a typical rural circuit within the Methodist Church; explore new ways of nurturing biblical literacy; and share the learning outcomes. Visit the webpage, or read the final report (PDF).

View from the Pew (2010)

CODEC's 2009 pilot survey on the reception of preaching in the contemporary church, commissioned by the College of Preachers. News coverage includes the BBC, The Times, and The Telegraph.

Holy Island, Lindisfarne (Picture by Bex Lewis)
CODEC, St John’s College,
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