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What is CODEC?


CODEC began in 2009 with a nationwide survey of Biblical Literacy in the UK. We have since developed a host of projects, research, conferences, learning opportunities; all exploring Christian Communication in the 21st century - many making use of social media and online technology.

We’ve worked alongside many churches and agencies exploring how we can improve our communication of the Gospel and how the Bible might be communicated in meaningful ways in contemporary society.

(3 Feb 2012)

Blogging Archived

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Please find below some old blogging entries. Most of our current blogging is done on the BigBible website.

(18 Jan 2013)

21st Century Humpty-Dumpty Syndrome

There’s an awful lot of brokenness around these days. The media seems to be obsessed with ‘Broken Britain’ (I didn’t notice how broken it was – the brokenness crept up on me)...

(14 Jun 2011) » More about 21st Century Humpty-Dumpty Syndrome

I just use Google....

Google Answers Image

I was struck a short while back by a comedian on TV, who said; ‘Some people turn to God for answers, I just use Google'...

(26 May 2011) » More about I just use Google....

Seven Principles for Social Media and the Church @AndrewGraystone #medialit11

What are the principles or values which should govern Christian use of New Media?

  1. Singularity of Personality
  2. Humanising digital relationships
  3. Conscientization
  4. Authority and Openness
  5. Digital Justice
  6. Mission and Service
  7. Embodiment

(28 Jun 2011) » More about Seven Principles for Social Media and the Church @AndrewGraystone #medialit11

Seven Principles of New Media in a Digital Age #2 #medialit11

People joining hands circling the world

Pete Phillips, Research Director for CODEC responds to the Seven Principles...

So, my alternatives:

  1. Be authentic onlife and offline
  2. Move from Web 1.0 to Web 2.0 - from the infoWeb to the socialWeb
  3. Always play social media in the key of Grace
  4. Be authentic even more!
  5. Justice offline = justice online
  6. Get on with it!
  7. Finally, be true to who you are! (i.e. be authentic!)



(28 Jun 2011) » More about Seven Principles of New Media in a Digital Age #2 #medialit11

Nehemiah: Man of Action (@paulblakely)

Nehemiah – the story of the rebuilding of the city walls of Jerusalem – the need for them, the plans for them, overcoming numerous problems before a national day of […]

(16 Apr 2014) » Nehemiah: Man of Action (@paulblakely)

#BIGRead14: Monochrome (Read by @TheAlethiophile)

Maybe it’s because I don’t remember in colour, that black and white photographs seem to me more truthful. Trees and fields are more their textured selves. Skies, often a vague […]

(16 Apr 2014) » #BIGRead14: Monochrome (Read by @TheAlethiophile)

#BIGRead14: Untie My Depths (Read by Sheryl Shenk)

My mind is still, my body is at rest; you are my desire. But I am alone; alone with a knot – a knot in my depths. A tight, congested […]

(15 Apr 2014) » #BIGRead14: Untie My Depths (Read by Sheryl Shenk)

Nehemiah – What are you building? (@unshaunsheep)

If Nehemiah means anything to me, it means “Oh, this church must be raising money for a building project.”  This is based on the experience of popping into a few […]

(15 Apr 2014) » Nehemiah – What are you building? (@unshaunsheep)

Weeping and walls: Jesus and Nehemiah (@Seeking1st)

Torn between wanting to write about Holy Week as well as the book of Nehemiah, I’m making a connection between Nehemiah’s concern for his particular people and Jesus’ compassion, suffering […]

(14 Apr 2014) » Weeping and walls: Jesus and Nehemiah (@Seeking1st)

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