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Centre for Communication and Preaching

What is CCP?


The Centre for Communication and Preaching (CCP) is a research strand which is part of a larger research project known as CODEC – Communication in a Digital Age.


CCP's Focus


CCP aims to:

·         Explore the place of preaching in the twenty first century

·         Research theologies of preaching

·         Explore the relationship between theology and praxis in preaching

·         Offer conferences and workshops to support preachers, under the banner of the Durham preaching Conference

·         Develop a network of young preachers


Director: Rev Kate Bruce 
•  Director, Centre for Communication and Preaching


Kate works as Chaplain and Research Fellow in Preaching at St John's College, as well as teaching Preaching & Apologetics at Cranmer. After completing her first degree in English and Religious Studies at Leeds, Kate worked as a Secondary English teacher for eight years before studying for a BA and MA in Theology in Durham.  She is now studying for her PhD and engaged in researching the role of imagination in preaching. She teaches preaching at Cranmer Hall and the Wesley Study centre , and regularly contributes to preaching conferences and training events across the country. She preaches at services and events locally and nationally. She also organises and teaches on day conferences based at St John's College. Kate is interested in supporting and developing young preachers and in encouraging preachers to think imaginatively in terms of content and delivery of sermons.

Young Preachers' Network

If you are aged between 16-25 and interested in preaching, this network is for you.

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Preaching Paul St John's College,

with Prof. Jimmy Dunn

24th March 2012 

2 Corinthians 9 - These notes are the feedback from small group discussion.

 Single Sentence Summaries

  • 'If we invest what God has given us back into his kingdom, he will multiply the provision, grace and blessing we receive to go on giving of ourselves.'
  • 'Be prepared to offer the gift you have promised and you will be enriched in every way for your great generosity, which will produce thanksgiving to God.'
  • 'Examine your heart and bless others as God has so richly blessed you by acts of generosity, in thankfulness.'
  • 'As God gives to us generously, so ought we to give, mirroring God's abundant generosity.'
  • 'Continue to give abundantly and generously as God continues to give abundantly and generously to you.'
  • 'Motivated ministry, grounded in the Gospel.'
  • 'Give generously and you will receive grace from the Lord.'

 Sermon Outlines

Sermon 1 - Ready, Steady, Go! (Olympic theme)

1. Ready.

  • vv. 2, 4.
  • How readily do we give?
  • Illustration - the Christian Aid envelope that never gets filled!
  • Paul is encouraging and reminding them of the importance of giving.

 2. Cycle of grace, generosity and abundance.

  • God is generous to us - so we can be generous.
  • God gets thanks and glory.
  • God is generous to us, etc.

3. Go - Just do it! (Nike)

  • Fill the envelope.
  • Draw examples from local context.

Sermon 2

1. God gives.

  • The Gospel.
  • Who you are.
  • What you can do.

2. God uses.

  • Building blocks of the church.
  • "We're all in it together".
  • The Body of Christ.

3. God blesses.

  • Tested ministry / spiritual enrichment.

4. God glorified.

  • Thanksgiving and Praise.

 Sermon 3 (After Sport Relief)

1. We've just had Sport Relief, did you pledge anything, do something sponsored?

2. Context.

  • Paul in this passage is addressing a situation of a promise of a gift.

3. Why should they give?

  • Because God gives and God never changes.
  • It has the bonus of blessing us!
  • Not just money, and different types of blessing.

4. How can you give?

  • Do you trust God is the provider, giver, etc.?

5. Thanksgiving and praise will result!

Sermon 4

1. God's generosity of Grace.

2. How can we reflect God's generosity?

a) Foodbank.

b) 'Giving till it hurts'.

c) Regularity of giving.

3. Body of Christ working together for the good of all.

4. Bountiful gift of grace for all.

(Note: Room for success and failure).

 Sermon 5

1. Big picture of God.

  • Generous, abundant and creative.
  • (Song - 'Meekness and Majesty' ['Hands that flung stars into space'])

2. Examine your heart.

  • Response.
  • ¨ Show DVD from Compassion or Christian Aid.
  • (Song - 'Change my heart O God')

3. Thankfulness.

  • (Song - 'Beauty for Brokenness')

  Sermon 6 - Give generously and you will receive grace from the Lord

1. Context.

  • Start from where people are with the feeling of financial danger - local situation?

2. Content of Passage.

  • Situation in Corinth.

3. Sowing Seeds.

4. Abundance of Creation.

Sermon 7

1. Real life example of God's generosity and grace.

  • Generous nature of God.
  • God is a God of increase.

2. Tight fist vs. Open hand.

  • Need open hand to give and receive.
  • Closed fist can do neither.
  • Cycle: giving -> receiving -> thankfulness

 3. Kingdom principles.