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Curriculum, Learning and Assessment

External Examiners

Role of External Examiners

External examiners make an important contribution to the maintenance of quality and standards in all our degree programmes. We have detailed procedures for the appointment of externals, the way in which they carry out their remit and the processes by which they report their views to the University. Our procedures are consistent with those identified as good practice in the UK Quality Code.

External examiners are responsible for ensuring that the standards of our awards are appropriate in the light of external points of reference such as the Framework of Higher Education Qualifications and the subject benchmarks, and that they are comparable with those of similar universities elsewhere in the UK. They are also responsible for ensuring that the assessment process is carried out in an appropriate manner which is fair to all the students concerned, and follows the University's approved procedures.

Every taught programme within the University will be considered by at least one external examiner and, every year, each external examiner will submit a report on those programmes. Reports are considered at departmental SSCCs and all reports - and departmental responses to those - are made available to all staff and students online.

Who are our External Examiners?

A full list of external examiners (name, University, programme(s) considered) published by year, is available from the weblinks below. The weblinks also include external examiner reports and, from 2014-15, departmental responses to those reports.

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