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Durham University

Computing and Information Services

What to do if your home page becomes inaccessible

If your account has been disabled for some reason, and later re-enabled, you may find that your web pages are inaccessible. In this case you will see a "403 Error" page when you try to access them.

To rectify this situation you will need to login to the Unix service, and change the permissions on your home directory. To do this:

  1. Start an SSH session to Unix:
    1. On a Durham University computer, select from the Start menu: Programs > Durham University Network > PuTTY, then double-click on 'mira' to start the connection
    2. From another computer, use a terminal client such as PuTTY (click here to download) for Windows or the built-in terminal applications on OS X or Linux. Enter as the hostname and select SSH as the connection type, then open the connection.
  2. At the login prompt type your CIS username and press Enter.
  3. Type your password and press Enter.
  4. At the Unix prompt, type cd to change to your home directory.
  5. Type chmod 710 . (don't forget the trailing full stop) to make your home directory accessible to the web server.
  6. Type chmod -R a+rX public_html/* to make your public_html directory's contents accessible to the web server.
  7. Type logout to logout from Unix.

If your public_html directory is still not accessible, please contact the IT Service Desk as the group on your Home Directory should be URP_httpd which can only be changed by an administrator.