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Computing and Information Services

Version: 24 June 2010

The following change requests will be completed by this CMS version release.

New features

  • CRQ1373: A new content type to display word clouds has been added to the CMS. This content type will use the most common words (after the obvious words such as "the") on a set of pages to display links to search for those words on the site. A planned enhancement scheduled for the August CMS version release will give you more control over the link destinations
  • CRQ1540: A new content type for better integration with our Google Search Appliance. This content type allows you to display customised search forms and search results pages within your CMS website.
  • CRQ1626: A new content type to allow course providers to display details of their courses outside the Training Course Booking System, with links into that system to allow bookings.

Additions to existing features

  • CRQ1377: The "Password protected files" content type now has an "upload" mode. You can configure the content item to have an upload form using the same username and password as the existing download forms.
  • CRQ1500: Increased flexibility around which departments' job titles are displayed on staff profile pages is now available.
  • CRQ1501: Telephone and room number can now be displayed in the staff lists generated by the Research Group Display content type.
  • CRQ1503: The transitions between images in the slideshow content type are now smoothly animated.
  • CRQ1512: News items can now have videos attached to them.
  • CRQ1526: The duplicate publication check in the staff profile system is now more user-friendly.
  • CRQ1837: Options "for" and "for the" have been added for Link Join Text in the staff profile system.
  • CRQ1891: The graphical text editor in the CMS now accepts the "dir" attribute, needed for adding text written in a right-to-left script.

Bug fixes

  • CRQ1737: Fixes a problem with the formatting of short "indicators of esteem" on staff profiles.
  • CRQ1745: An internal improvement to the way links are handled on CMS sites outside the domain name.
  • CRQ1747: A fix for the appearance of biographical information without a 'heading' set within the staff profile editor.
  • CRQ1832: Fixes a HTML error with the display of images with links within the slideshow content type.
  • CRQ1833: The Calendar view of the events system should now be much faster and will not break pages when used on large events sections.
  • CRQ1856: Records will now be cleaned up properly when news items are deleted, allowing images and resources only associated with deleted news items to be removed.
  • CRQ1857: A mechanism for using the URL to set default values in forms generated using the CMS forms content type is now working again.
  • CRQ1859: Additional safety checks when moving a page to another URL have been restored.
  • CRQ1869: Date fields in online forms now select the correct default month.
  • CRQ1873: The Events Aggregator will now display uncategorised events when appropriate.
  • CRQ1880: The error message for adding multiple online forms to the same page is now clearer.
  • CRQ1925: Bugs with import of publications from BibTeX files have been fixed.
  • CRQ1942: A bug with the display of the 'reset' button on forms has been fixed.