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Computing and Information Services

Version: 29 April 2010

The following significant changes will be made as part of this CMS version release. In addition, a number of minor changes and bug fixes are included.

  • Forms for common CMS requests are now available. Please use these forms rather than contacting the Service Desk if possible.
  • The level of filtering of Microsoft Word content has been increased significantly.
  • A function to move or copy CMS content from one page to another is now available.
  • The profile system administration permissions are now independent of departmental membership and rights to assign these permissions have been delegated.
  • The creation date for publication records in the profile system is now recorded, and a basic report on publications added to the system between certain dates is now available (reports on publications added before this version release use an estimating method which will not be completely reliable).
  • The FAQ content type has been updated to include new options for display formatting.
  • The subject of email messages generated by form submissions can now be configured more by the form administrator
  • Other more minor changes

We are planning to move to a more regular schedule of CMS version releases in the future. The next release is planned for 24 June 2010 and several previously-submitted change requests are scheduled for inclusion in that release.

Forms for common CMS requests

There is now a new link on 'My Pages' called 'Request new sites and sections'. This will take you to forms for the creation of sites, sub-sites and sections (for example for news, events, and so on).

Section requests will be completed instantly with this form, rather than needing to wait for a Service Desk call to be processed. The site and sub-site requests will not be automatic, but will ensure that we have all the information we need to fulfil the request in the majority of cases.

Please use these forms rather than sending a message to the Service Desk where possible.

Additional filtering of Microsoft Word content

Since the increase in filtering levels from the last CMS version, it has come to our attention that a previously unfiltered and undetected type of Microsoft Word-generated HTML could cause severe display problems, causing parts of the page to be invisible in Internet Explorer (but not in other web browsers).

We have therefore strengthened the filter to remove this type of content where possible.

Additionally, we have made the warning for Microsoft Word-generated HTML more prominent. If you try to submit HTML generated in this way through any of the graphical editors, you will receive a warning and must confirm the action to proceed (or preferably go back and fix the problem).

Be aware that confirming the action may lead to the problem with content becoming invisible in Internet Explorer described above, and fix content - by copying it to Notepad and back - as soon as possible.

Copy or move CMS content

A new link is now available in Site Editing mode, following the links to move content up or down on the page, which allows a content item to be moved - along with any associated images or resources - to another page, or copied exactly to that page.

This should make reorganisation of sites significantly easier.

You will only be able to move or copy content that you would have permission to create by hand on the target page.

Changes to Profile System administration permissions

Previously there was a single profile system administration permission (internally called "departmental administrator") and people with that permission could edit any department they were a member of.

This has now been split into separate departmental administrator permissions for each department in the profile system. People will therefore no longer automatically have administration rights on all departments they are a member of just because they need to be in one, and nor will they need to be added to departments that they administrate but are not a member of.

People with departmental administrator permissions for a department will now be able to add and remove departmental administrators for that department without needing to contact the Service Desk.

As a transitional measure, people with the old "departmental administrator" permission have been given departmental administration permissions over all departments they are a member of, so that no immediate changes to an individual's permissions will occur as a result of this change. Departmental administrators should go through their departments list and remove unnecessary entries.

Creation date for publication records

The date that publication records were first entered into the Profile System will now be recorded. A simple report displaying all publications initially entered between two specified dates is now available for departmental administrators.

For publications entered prior to 29 April 2010, an approximate method is used to estimate their entry date. This method gets significantly less accurate the longer before 29 April 2010 estimates are required, and warnings about the accuracy of the estimates will be displayed on the report.

FAQ content type display

A new "display format" option has been added to the FAQ content type, which allows a more compact display of FAQs on a single page to be used in many modern browsers.

Email messages from forms

It is now possible to customise the subject line of emails generated by the form content type. Currently, the subject line begins "Response from form: " followed by the form title, followed by any fields set in the form configuration to be included in the subject.

This will continue for existing forms if you do not change anything, but you will now be able to configure any form to use any fixed prefix in the subject line in place of "Response from form: " and the form title. Fields specified for inclusion in the subject line will follow this text as usual.

Other minor changes

  • 'My pages' has been reorganised for ease of use.
  • Images in events can now be positioned either 'left' or 'right'.
  • The Events Aggregator has an option to set the header level of content.
  • An option to set a custom title for RSS news feeds has been added.
  • Roles in the profile system can now be hidden on staff lists.
  • Slideshow and gallery images can now be links
  • Text content is now available as a right sidebar content type. Please be careful when using this feature, which is intended for advanced users.

Fixes to reported bugs

  • The "publication title" box in the profile system is now large enough to contain longer publication titles.
  • Adjustments have been made to the loading of Google Analytics code to improve page performance.
  • Some links in the profile system are now better ordered to make finding records quicker.
  • The "Editors' Sitemap" now correctly notes content with special review states.
  • Staff categories in research group displays are now displayed correctly when staff come from multiple departments.
  • Left sidebar images are now all be visible in Site Editing Mode.
  • A bug involving descriptions going missing when resources with spaces in the original filename were uploaded has been fixed.
  • A wording error in the Media Feed / podcast content type has been fixed.
  • A situation in which data entered into forms created with the form content type could be displayed incorrectly has been fixed.