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Computing and Information Services

Version: 17 May 2006

  • CHANGE: Biographies moved to 'Additional Information' section
  • NEW: Additional information may be restricted to a specific department
  • NEW: Content type for displaying seminars.

Changes to additional information about staff in staff profiles.

Staff profiles have previously contained a biography section and a potentially unlimited number of optional "additional information" blocks. Each additional information block can include an image.

In the new version, additional information blocks may be restricted to a particular department in the profile system. For example, an academic in History who is also a college tutor in Hatfield College may wish to have some of their additional information that is specific to their academic work only displayed on their profile page.

As part of this change, all "Biography" information has been moved to the "additional information" section, so that it just appears as another block of additional information. There is no significant change to the way the biography is displayed on the web, but this now allows staff to add an image to their biography, or to have multiple biographies tailored to the separate units they are associated with. Staff who did not currently have any text in the Biography section have not had an additional information block generated for it.

The "Biography" box on the staff profile form remains in place with a note that biography information is now dealt with using the additional information forms. This box is only there to provide a pointer to the new location for users of the profile system, and will be removed in the next version.

Content type for displaying seminars

A new content type for displaying seminars has been added in this version. This is intended for academic departments and will store and display seminar information in a more suitable way than the more general 'Events' content type. You will need to ask in the usual way for a 'Seminars' section to be set up for your website.

This content type is obviously in its early stages, and is currently only based on the requirements of a couple of departments. If you need us to extend its capabilities for your own department, please let us know.