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Computing and Information Services

Version: 1 September 2005

  • BUGFIX: Import from Endnote correctly handles 'no date' in the Year.
  • CHANGE: Additional options for events.
  • CHANGE: Additional options for news.
  • CHANGE: New display format for staff lists.
  • CHANGE: Improvements to 'Move page'
  • NEW: Deleted and moved pages will now be dealt with properly on the live site by the CMS.

Additional display options for events

There are several new options for events display, including:

  • Restricting the number of events displayed.
  • A new display format based on event titles rather than event dates.
  • Displaying the next 7 or 30 days' events
  • Adding contact information and descriptions to categories of events

New display format for staff lists

The Staff/postgraduate list display can optionally contain additional columns showing telephone number, fax number, room number and/or email address. This allows staff lists closer to those produced by the University Directory.

Import from Endnote and 'no date'

Records imported from Endnote with the year set to 'in press', 'draft', or other non-numeric values now have their year set to 'no date'.

Additional options for news

News items now have some additional options, including:

  • Sub-categorisation (and deeper if needed), and a new content type to display this.
  • Short subject field on news items that can be used to improve the 'more about ...' links on some news item displays.
  • The display of the date of news items can be turned off.

Improvements to 'Move page'

It is no longer necessary to create a dummy page to move a page to be the first child of another page.

Deleted and moved pages

When a page has been deleted from the CMS, it will now give a 'Gone' error message. When a page has had its URL changed in the CMS, it will now automatically redirect from the old URL to the new URL on the live site. You can also manually add redirects from old to new URLs if you are a site administrator.