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Computing and Information Services

News Feeds (RSS)

News feeds (RSS) allow you to subscribe to web-based news sources using news reading software. It is similar to subscribing to electronic mailing lists or  newsgroups; the latest news from your favourite sites is sent to you automatically, rather than you having to seek news on multiple websites.

All news on official Durham University websites is available as news feeds in RSS 2.0 format.

RSS 2.0

RSS 2.0 is one of a number news feed formats, and is an acronym for 'Really Simple Syndication'. RSS 2.0 is compatible with most news reading software. 

Available Software

There are two types of news reading software available: desktop software that you install on your computer, and software that runs in a web browser and is accessible from any web enabled device. Desktop software tends to have more features than browser based software, but the advantage of browser based software is that you can easily view your subscriptions from anywhere with a web connection.

Web-based news aggregators

Desktop news aggregators

Windows XP


Mac OS X

The standard news feed icon

Subscribing to a Durham News Feed

To subscribe to a Durham University news feed, you need to add the web address of a feed to your news reading software.


  1. Visit the page that contains the news you would like to subscribe to. Below the list of items you will see a subscription link.
  2. Move the mouse pointer over the subscription link and click the right-hand mouse button.
  3. If you're using Mozilla or Firefox, select 'Copy Link Location' from the contextual menu. If you are using IE, select 'Copy Shortcut'. This copies the news feed URL into memory.
  4. In your news reading software, there will be an 'Add' or 'Subscribe' button, or a field which allows you to add an RSS url to it. Paste the RSS URL into the field using 'Edit > Paste'.
  5. After confirming your subscription, the news reader will then automatically download and display the latest news items when you run the software.
In Mozilla, right-click Copy Link Location to store URL in memory
Internet Explorer
In IE, right-click Copy Shortcut to store URL in memory