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Durham University

Computing and Information Services

Making sites viewable in any browser

There is a wide range of available browsers, covering a wide range of display media.

  • Visual media
    • Computer monitors
    • Television screens
    • Text-only browsers
    • Projectors
    • Handheld devices (e.g. tablets, mobile phones)
  • Audio media
    • Speech browsers
    • Screen readers
  • Braille

The significant increase in the use of phone and tablet browsers and the additional usability and accessibility requirements for these types has caused problems for many sites in recent years.

Browser support for various web features varies considerably. It is clearly impossible for images to be supported in the same way in every browser, and even within a particular media type, browsers behave very differently, but it is possible to create pages and sites accessibly so that regardless of browser, visitors are able to obtain information and interact with the page to get approximately the same outcomes even though their experience is different.

Remember that if only 1% of users are unable to access the site due to their choice of browser, it is equivalent to 3.5 days of web server failure each year.