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Durham University

Computing and Information Services


What we do

We offer a core programme of IT training which covers a number of widely used student and staff applications. We also have as part of our remit, the development of a continuous programme of skills development for CIS staff. The training we offer to our users is for the most part, functional (i.e. how to navigate around the package and use its functions) however there are a few instances where we can provide a level of contextual guidance although due to the breadth of the courses we offer, this is inevitably limited.

Take a look at our list of CIS current courses to see what’s available and details of the Digital Skills courses run by CAROD (including Microsoft Office) can be found here.

At the moment some of our courses are restricted to certain types of University members however we are investigating opportunities to open this up where appropriate.

We offer a selection of documentation to support our training activity:

Support documentation

What we don’t do

  • We don’t offer direct support for the packages we train in, any queries about these packages should be reported to the Service Desk. Please bear in mind that any support available will relate to the functionality of that package, not the contextual elements (i.e. help can be provided on how Microsoft Access functions work, but we cannot help you with the intricacies of a database you have created using it).
  • At the moment we don’t offer IT training above and beyond the core packages mentioned above although work is being undertaken to explore the possibility of extending this.
  • We are also unable to offer bespoke training but again, we are exploring this further.

Booking on our courses

First take a look at the current schedule of courses:

Course schedule (CIS)

Course schedule (CAROD - Digital Skills)

If you find a course that is suitable, make sure that you meeting the course requirements in terms of your membership of the University (Staff/Postgraduate/Undergraduate) and the technical skills needed for the course.

If you meet the criteria and wish to book on the course you will need to log-on to the course booking system with your CIS username and password and follow the instructions.

Course booking system

What we expect from you

There are a few simple things we expect from you when attending our courses, nothing too onerous but they help us ensure you get the most out of the training we offer and that we make the best use of the resources we have available.

Put very simply they are:

  • Read and make sure you meet the course requirements
  • Turn up on time for the course
  • Stay to the end
  • Give feedback
  • Not turning up may lead to you being barred from future courses

You can read the full terms and conditions to understand why we need to do this.