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Durham University

Computing and Information Services

Two Factor Authentication

Some services contain data that needs to be given extra protection, especially when being accessed remotely via the VPN. For these services, we use an additional level of security known as two-factor authentication. It provides you with two 'factors' that are needed to access a system (as opposed to a single factor in your password): something they know (a PIN) and something they have (a device).

Our Two-factor services uses 'Microsoft Azure Authentication' and you'll receive your PIN when you register. You have a choice of devices:

  • a token (or fob) that can generate a number (One-Time Code) used in conjunction with a password,
  • a Smartphone or tablet running an app that will generate a One-Time Code after the password has been entered,

The services that you will need two-factor authentication to access via the VPN are:

  • pFact
  • The Raisers Edge
  • Worktribe
  • Oracle (HR,Payroll,Expenses)
  • Power BI
  • VPN

How do I get it?

You are required to register for the Microsoft 2 factor authetication via the following link here

How do I use it?

For all the details on how to use the two-factor authentication service, see our User guide.

How do I change device

The following guide will help you if you have change your device which is registered with 2 factor authentication. User Guide