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Computing and Information Services


Education - Audio visual services

  • Most centrally timetabled rooms at Durham City & Queen's Campus contain permanently installed standard audio visual equipment.
  • The exact equipment varies depending on the seating capacity of the room, whether it is centrally timetabled and what it is used for.  Typically you will find a selection of the following:
    • Digital displays: e.g. projection  facilities
    • Speakers and microphones
    • Interactive surfaces: e.g. interactive whiteboards or tablets
    • Visualiser
    • Connectivity for personal devices
    • A teaching PC (NPCS machine), usually connected directly to the projector if one is available.

  • Should extra non-standard equipment be required then an application, at least 24hrs in advance, must be made to IT Service Desk (ext 41515 or email 
  • CIS can also provide audio visual event support, equipment loan and video conferencing facilities.
  • Solstice wireless presentation service is being rolled out across the University and offers Durham University staff the ability to present content wirelessly from a laptop or mobile device to the audio visual facilities (i.e. projectors & displays) in selected teaching spaces and meeting rooms across the campus (see the Getting it section for the current list).

Terms and conditions

  • To find out what audio visual equipment is available in meeting rooms, lecture theatres and seminar rooms across the University, click on the following link:
  • Once you have identified the appropriate building and room, click on 'More' to see the specification for the room including audio visual equipment.
  • You can search for a room based on the specific audio visual equipment you need. Click on the following:
  • To enquire about audio visual support for an event or equipment loan, please contact the IT Service Desk in the first instance with details of your requirements, giving as much notice as possible.
  • If you would like to book one of the University rooms equipped with video conferencing services, please take a look at the following where you will find details of the locations and instructions as to how to book these facilities.

Audio visual standards

  • Within the wide range of room for which CIS is responsible, there are 4 main categories:
    • Large lecture theatres
    • Medium flat floored rooms
    • Small flat floored rooms
    • Meeting rooms
  • When a space is refurbished or upgraded or where AV is required in a space that has not previously been equipped, a specification will be written based on the minimum standards.
  • You can find information about those standards here:

Solstice Wireless Presentation

  • In order to connect to Solstice, you must be connected to the University wireless service on either 'DU Wireless', 'DU Student' or 'eduroam'.  You will not be able to access it from either the 'DU Guest' or 'TheCloud@Durham' wireless options.
  • In rooms where the service is available, users will be able to select 'Wireless Presentation' from the AV control panel in the room.
  • Solstice is available in the following locations (last updated: September 2017)
    • Calman Learning Centre - CLC013, CLC202, CLC203, CLC406, CLC407
    • Dawson Building - D210, D216, D217
    • West Building - W215
    • Bio-Sciences - BL201
    • Higginson Building - E245
    • Christopherson Annex - ENGEX1 (PC Classroom)
    • Al-Qasimi - IM101, IM102, IM201, IM222
    • Ushaw College - USHAW006, USHAW219, USHAW226, USHAW319, USHAW326
    • Mountjoy Centre - Holly 2
    • Palatine Centre - PC003
  • Further implementation of Solstice and teaching spaces and meeting rooms will be included in the ongoing University refurbishment plans for these locations.
  • Rooms that do not have Solstice enabled will provide you with the option for a wired connection to the audio visual equipment with an HDMI and/or VGA cable

Using it on a mobile device or personal laptop:

  • Go to the supplier's (Mercive) website by clicking on this hyperlink: click here (or use the search term (solstice wireless display app) in your preferred search engine if you prefer to navigate there yourself) and select the platform you are using (Windows, iOS, etc.).

To use on a University managed laptop:

  • Open the  'App Hub' (click on the link if you don't have it on your University machine) and select 'Solstice Client' from the list of available applications.

Connecting to Solstice for the first time:

  1. Open the Solstice app
  2. Select 'Enter IP'
  3. Enter the IP address show on screen include full stops but don't include 'http://' (129.234.55.x)
  4. Enter the 4 digit 'Key' shown on screen
  • Once you have connected to Solstice at Durham University, you will see a list of available devices under the 'Discovered' tab.
  • After your initial connection, to connect to Solstice in the future, you can select the one you want from the list or find it using the search function.  To connect in your chosen room, you then won't need to enter the IP address.

Instructions are also available at  

Standard audio visual equipment

  • If you are plugging your own device (e.g. laptop) into the audio visual system, other than connecting your device via the appropriate cable, no other credentials are required.
  • If you require wireless access you will need to authenticate using your CIS username and password.
  • If you use the desktop PC in the room, you need to log onto it with your CIS username and password.
  • If you are a visitor to the University and will be presenting using our equipment, you will need to organize a 'guest user account' which can be done through your contact point at the University (via Event Durham)
  • Each room should contain a brief guide to using the equipment in that room however; it is recommended that if you are unfamiliar with a particular room, you make time to check the operating instructions for the equipment.

Solstice wireless presentation

  • This YouTube video explain how you use it (starting at 51 seconds):
  • If you have an iOS device, there is information in the app about mirroring your display using Apple AirPlay.
  • Once you have finished, click disconnect. On an iOS device, users will need to disconnect the AirPlay option as well as pressing disconnect.
  • Although the audio visual equipment has been installed with ease of use in mind, some members of staff may require additional training to use it
  • Individuals/groups can request individual/tailor made training by contacting the IT Service Desk (ext 41515 or email