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IT Service Desk

Welcome to the IT Service Desk

How we can help

The IT Service Desk is your first point of contact for all requests, queries and issues (faults or problems) concerning University provided IT facilities and services. Our Service Desk team will deal with the majority of calls or pass them on to another team within CIS for further investigation. This is the best way to ensure that your call is dealt with most effectively.

When you contact the IT Service Desk, we will:

  1. Ask for your username to log the call
  2. Ask questions to help us diagnose the fault or fully understand the request
  3. Aim to resolve your issue
  4. Give you a call reference number to assist in tracking the progress of the call

It is very helpful for us if you:

  1. Have your username to hand (e.g. abcd12). This is so that we can log the call correctly for you (we will never ask you for your password)
  2. Tell us where you are located, i.e. department, site, building and room number
  3. Describe the problem in detail, including any error messages you may have received

We separate all calls to our Service Desk into three categories: Incidents, Service Requests and Change Requests. To raise a call or to find out more about these categories, see our Contact us page.

We are working continuously to improve our services and how we deliver them to better prioritise our work; balancing the needs of our users and the priorities of the University.