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Computing and Information Services

CIU Project


The Communications Infrastructure Upgrade (CIU) Project will replace the University's Core Data Network, upgrade the access layer (or edge) and implement a new 21st Century converged telephone system running over the Data Network using Voice over IP (VOIP) technology. This work is carried out in line with the requirements of the IT Vision and was also a pre-requisite of major building work (Gateway) on the University Science Site which necessitated the demolition of the main telephone exchange location by March 2011.

In Spring 2011, the project was expanded to include:

  • Wireless provision
  • Consideration of JANET bandwidth increase
  • Upgrade of the DUCAS network to CIU standards


The CIU is a complete replacement of the core data network and telephone system and as such impacts on all users of the University network and phone system. This includes all academic, management and administration departments, and all University students.

It also covers remediation (assessment and upgrading or replacement) of 650 network switches, and delivery of 5,500 telephones over the entire University estate including all colleges and Queen's Campus.

The result will be to:

  • Provide a world class communications infrastructure to support the development of teaching and learning facilities within the University.
  • Provide an enhanced user experience when using the University communication facilities.

Implementation planning focuses on minimising downtime, and any downtime is planned, agreed and communicated in advance along with service interruption impact. Service outage is scheduled for out of hours and weekends where possible.

Latest News

Recent activities:

  • Installation of replacement wireless access points (with greater capability, resilience and expandability)

Upcoming events:

  • Replacement of the remaining wireless access points

Contact us

For all enquiries about the project, please contact CIU Project Manager Tony McAndrew at


Start date: 10th December 2008
Core data network deployment: December 2008 - April 2009
Core Voice (IPT) network installed: August 2009 - October 2009
North Lodge telephone exchange replacement: September 2009 - March 2011
Remaining telephone exchanges removed: March 2011 - Dec 2013


The investment in the new network is £3.5m plus additional spend for replacing North Lodge and for wireless replacement.


  • UEC Sponsor: Professor Anthony Forster (Pro-Vice-Chancellor: Learning & Teaching)

CIU Project Board

  • Sponsor: Mr Andy Nixon (Deputy IT Director Infrastructure)
  • Senior User: Professor Nigel Glover (Physics)
  • Senior User: Mr Keith Evens (E&B Management Accountant)
  • Senior User: Mr Colin Hopkins (Head of Network Support)
  • Senior Supplier: Mr Dave Tilley (PTS)
  • Senior Supplier: Mr Matt Thomas (Siemens)

The CIU Project Board reports into the IT Steering Group.

Project Mandate

Project Initiation Document