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Computing and Information Services

Purchasing print credit

Buy print credit online

You can check your current balance and purchase print credit online using a debit or credit card (please note Visa Electron cards are not accepted). The minimum payment for online print credit top-up is just £1.


Our printers are smart, and they only charge you for what you print - so if you send a print job that is a mixture of colour and monochrome pages, you'll be charged accordingly and not just at the single rate.

  • A4 – each piece of paper costs 2p, then add on a cost of 3p per mono side printed and 18p per colour side printed.
  • A3 – each piece of paper costs 4p, then add on a cost of 6p per mono side printed and 36p per colour side printed.

This can be summarised as follows:

Paper/output choice


A4 single-sided monochrome 5p per page
A4 duplex monochrome 8p per duplex page
A4 single-sided colour 20p per page
A4 duplex colour 38p per duplex page
A3 single-sided monochrome 10p per page
A3 duplex monochrome 16p per duplex page
A3 single-sided colour 40p per page
A3 duplex colour 76p per duplex page

Cash payments

You can also buy print credit with cash using our special kiosk - available in the Bill Bryson Library Level 2 (just outside eDen)