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Computing and Information Services

WWW code of practice


The following Code of Practice and Rules for presentation were devised by a Working Group on World Wide Web and Directory Services, set up by the IT Strategy Committee. The content has been approved by IT Strategy Committee and IT Users' Committee.

Code of Practice

The WWW service in Durham is provided primarily as a support to academic activities. This principle will inform decisions which are made concerning the provision of resources (including software, storage capacity, network infrastructure and support staff) necessary to implement both access to the WWW and the provision of information on it.

Every page created using the University computing facilities must be either an official University page or a personal page. All pages must comply with regulations governing use of University computing facilities. Failure to observe any of the following points may be considered a misuse of University computing facilities:

  • Offensive, inappropriate or illegal material must not be included.
  • Potentially defamatory material which could be held to impugn the reputation of people or organisations must not be included.
  • On personal pages, personal opinions should not be expressed as if they were the opinion, or policy, of the University, or any other organisation.
  • Personal pages must not use the University name or crest as a header or title.
  • Official pages must conform to a set of rules of presentation provided by the University.

Who can set up a WWW home page

Anyone with a CIS username may set up a WWW home page which will be visible by the Durham WWW server. However, only academic departments, inter-departmental research groups, service departments, Colleges, DSU-affiliated student societies, and College JCRs will be explicitly linked to the University home page. All these pages should be created using departmental or society usernames - personal usernames should not be used.

Rules for presentation of official University pages

  • Official University pages must name the University, the department or group to which the page pertains, and a contact name for the person responsible for the page.
  • These pages should display the University crest as provided by files held in local icon libraries
  • Official pages should include a standard set of navigation aids, providing easy access to the University Home Page and the relevant departmental home page.
  • Official pages should conform as much as possible to the recommended guidelines on presentation.