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Durham University

Computing and Information Services

Policy and Regulations

This section includes links to the IT-related policy documents, together with regulations and codes of conduct (both local and national) concerning the use of IT facilities within the University.

University IT Regulations

IT Regulations: Sets out acceptable use of University IT facilities, and your responsibilities when accessing and using them.

National policies

JANET Acceptable use policy: Sets out acceptable use of JANET, the network that connects all UK higher education and research institutions together and to the internet. You are subject to this policy when connecting to any site outside the University via the University's network.

Eduserve User Acknowledgement of Third Party Rights: Eduserve has negotiated many deals for software and online resources on behalf of the UK higher education community, under the common banner of Chest agreements. This sets out the user obligations by which you are bound when using software provided by the University under such agreements.

University policies, standards, procedures and guidelines

Cyber Security: The majority of IT-related policies and standards can be found on the CIS Security webpages.

CIS open access computer facilities: expected conduct when using CIS computer classrooms or other open access computer facilities.

Durham University Online (duo) terms and conditions of use: these are the legally binding terms and conditions that must be observed when using Durham University Online (duo).

Mailing lists: expected conduct when using the University's email list system

MyDurham Privacy Policy: details how personal data is managed by the institutional mobile app

Good email practice: advice on good practice when sending email

Virtual Private Network: requirements for use of the Virtual Private Network (VPN) by authorised users

Web Accessibility Policy: sets out the standards required when creating University web pages, to ensure that content is as accessible as possible to all users.

Web publishing: requirements that need to be observed when using the university web service to publish information, whether as part of the official University website or unofficial/personal pages e.g. on

IT Service Catalogue