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Computing and Information Services

New students: welcome to Durham University!

When you arrive at Durham, you should find the time to do the following as soon as you can:

Make sure you have your username and password

You will have been given these as part of the enrolment process and you will need them to access University IT services. Please be aware that it is your username, NOT your email address that you use to sign into IT services.

Pick up your campus card

Your campus card is your University identity and you need it to get into the libraries and other buildings. You should carry it with you and keep it safe.

If you have completed your enrolment online and successfully uploaded your photograph, your campus card will be waiting for you at the Language Centre (pre-sessional students) or your college (undergraduates and taught postgraduates) and will be issued to you during the induction process.

If you have not completed the online enrolment and have not uploaded a photo, you will need to have your photograph taken so we can create your campus card shortly after you arrive. Please note that this will result in additional waiting and queuing, so please do try to upload your photo in advance.

You will want to get onto the internet to check your emails and let friends and family know that you have arrived safely.

You can use the University’s wireless (wifi) network which is available in colleges, departments, libraries and other buildings across the campuses.

The first time you connect to the University’s wireless network you need to go through a registration process.

Using the network settings on your device (smartphone, laptop, tablet, etc.):

  • Search for available wireless networks
  • Select ‘DU Student’
  • Put in your username and password
  • Open a web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera)

For some operating systems (e.g. Mac, Windows), you will need to go through a number of extra steps to configure your device - see the list of guides on the right of this page for help.

Before connecting to the wireless network for the first time, you must configure (set-up) your device. Instructions are available via the link below, just follow the ones for the operating system your device uses (Windows, Mac, Android).

The first time you connect to the network, you'll need to register your device. PCs, laptops and Windows based mobile devices will need to pass a security check to confirm they have a genuine and up-to-date operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux) and security software (McAfee, Sophos, Kaspersky, Windows Security Essentials). If you don't, updates and patches will be made available to you and you must apply them and then re-submit your machine for checking.

Once it has passed the check successfully, you'll be able to access the internet. Take a look at these links:

Followed the instructions but can't get on the network?

Help is available, you just need to book a ‘Get online’ appointment: we'll be publishing the dates, times and locations of the next surgeries here soon.

Go to a University desktop (in any of the libraries, open access classrooms), log-in with your CIS username and password, open and web browser and go to:

When you come for your appointment, bring your device with you and our friendly IT staff will help you get online!

Take a look at the instructions for connecting to the wireless network