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MFA coming to Zoom

(9 March 2021)

From 15 March we are implementing MFA for Zoom, this means that you will be required to authenticate using the Microsoft Authenticator app as part of the Zoom login process.

If you haven’t already please ensure you setup MFA to ensure you can continue to login to Zoom using the Zoom Single Sign On (SSO) option.

Watch this simple video on how to setup MFA or head over to our MFA pages for more detailed instructions.

If you have any issues with MFA, or further questions, please get in touch with the IT Service Desk.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often will Zoom request MFA authentication?

The frequency at which you have to log back into Zoom is not changing, we are just adding MFA to the existing login process.

How will this affect me when logging into a non-Durham University zoom meeting?

Whenever you login to Zoom via the Durham SSO option you will get a prompt to authenticate.

Will external users have to setup MFA to join a Durham Zoom meeting?

There will be no change to the way external users join Durham Zoom meetings. Whether or not a non-Durham university user will be prompted for MFA will be determined by the organisation who manages their account i.e. if an external user is joining a Durham University Zoom meeting using their own institution’s account, they would be prompted for MFA if their institution have MFA enabled, this is the same behaviour they would see today.