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New student? Watch this quick guide to your IT services.

This quick tour will give you vital information to help get you started with University IT in under 5 minutes!

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Set security questions for self-service password reset 

Replace a lost/damaged campus card 

Instructions for connecting to student wireless services

Quarantine & registration information for getting online 

Book an appointment at the 'Get online' surgery 

Get your email (undergraduates and taught postgraduates) 

Get your email (research postgraduates) 

Find a free computer in an open access computer classroom 

Connect your University personal file storage (J: drive) to your own machine 

Access duo 

Information about printing and add credit to your account 

Get Office 2013 for free 

Rules and regulations 

All this information and more... 

(5 Oct 2015)

Increase to print charge costs for monochrome printing

Following a long period where prices have remained static, there has been a small increase to the cost of monochrome (black and white printing) to 5p per copy for A4 sheets and 10p per copy for A3 sheets. If you pay for printing, please read on to find out more. 

The costs for colour and large format printing remain unchanged however monochrome printer charges will increase by 1p for an A4 copy and will increase by 2p for an A3 copy. These costs are still competitive in comparison to charges levied by other universities and are in line by those charged by other Russell Group universities. 

As before, savings can be made by purchasing print in bulk as indicated in this table: 


Cost (per side of printing) 

Duplex discount (13% of total sides printed) 

A4 monochrome 


e.g. 10 sides is 50p ( - 13%) =  44p 

A3 monochrome 


e.g. 10 sides is £1 ( - 13%) = 87p 

A4 colour 


e.g. 10 sides is £2 ( - 13%) = £1.74 

A3 colour 


e.g. 10 sides is £4 ( - 13%) = £3.48 

 If you pay for your printing always make sure you have sufficient credit to help with that, when you send a job to print, a pop-up box will appear with your current print balance and how much your job will cost to print. Take a look at our video if you need a reminder: 

Add credit to your print account here: 

or search for 'printing' in the search field on the University website. 

(16 Sep 2015)

CIS publishes the 1st phase of their updated service information

On 12th October, CIS will be publishing the first phase of our new Service Catalogue where we will list the services we provide along with details as to how you access and use them. We would like you to take a look and let us know what you think!

What is a service catalogue?

The service catalogue details the services provided by CIS. It groups them into categories according to the functions or benefits they deliver (e.g. all services linked to your online account such as email, online storage and passwords are contained within the 'Account Services' category). All the relevant services are listed within each category with information explaining what they are, how you get them and how you start to use them. Where available, it also sign-points you towards help and more detailed user information. 

You'll find up-to-date information, which should be consistent, clear and comprehensible, whatever your technical ability. We've applied a common format to enable easy navigation to help you find what you're looking for, and explore new services as they are introduced, quickly and easily.

CIS offer a large number of services and in order to get something published and visible, this first phase has focused on those which are most commonly viewed on our University web pages. 

What we'd like you to do

  1. Go and explore at
  2. Step through the navigation to see how it fits together, check out the A-Z and try out the search function to look for specific services.
  3. Take a couple of minutes to complete our short survey which is towards the bottom of the first page (; let us know what you think, particularly if there is something missing that you'd expect to find or if you have any suggestions as to how we could make it better.

What we'll be doing next

Waiting anxiously for your feedback! We'll use this to help guide what we prioritise for the next phase of the catalogue. As already indicated, not all services have been migrated yet and next we will look at adding missing items and reviewing and migrating more of the support information into this new, standard format - your feedback will inform this.

(9 Oct 2015)