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Bats, rats and potting sheds – the story behind University wireless

We’ve reached a major milestone by completing our University-wide wireless expansion. You can now expect a consistent service in every University building both at Durham and Queen’s Campus. It’s been quite a journey, read on for some interesting facts and figures about how we got here:

  • In total we have 2746 wireless access points serving locations including; a Norman Castle (where you can find points hidden under the floor, in the roof space, in cupboards and behind tapestries), a potting shed (at Botanic gardens) and the rowing tank at Maiden Castle
  • We provide coverage for more than 6,200 student bedrooms across 16 colleges, 18 bars, 17 gyms, 7 cafes, 2 museums and one world heritage site
  • Listed Building Consent from Durham County Council was needed for almost everywhere on the Peninsula
  • Other obstacles included bats, rats, asbestos and an archaeological survey for cable installation on the Castle Mound
  • An average day has a peak of about 15,000 devices connected at the busiest time of early afternoon
  • The quietest time of day is usually 6am, students finally in bed and staff not yet in the office
  • The Bill Bryson library is the busiest location on campus, reaching a peak of 2,000 devices connected on a busy day

(19 May 2015)

More study PCs available out of hours during exams

To provide you with more space and better access to computers to revise with, the Courtyard Building (the single storey building between Chemistry and Computing/Maths) is open out of hours for the exam period from 18:00-07:00.

There are 100 PCs spread over three classrooms for you to use, as well as additional quiet space to revise in.

The rooms are booked for Exams during the day - from 7am to 6pm Monday to Saturday - but out of hours and all day Sunday they will be free for you to use and revise in.

As with all computer classrooms, please respect the equipment in there and avoid food and drink. If we find the rooms damaged or dirty we will have to remove this extra space for revision. Security will be doing occasional foot patrols through the classrooms, as well as monitoring on CCTV, but please avoid lone working, if you are the last one in there consider relocating to either CM131, or the Bill Bryson Library.

(11 May 2015)