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Is your email updating over summer? Find what you need here!

If your email is being updated to Office 365 over the summer you'll find information and help on these links: about the move process including what you need to do on the day and the key differences; our email service catalogue entry which explains more about email including how to set up your emails for Linux and mobile devices and our Office 365 FAQs

(6 Jun 2017)

About to graduate or leave the University? Things you must do.

If you're about to finish your course of study there are a few things you must do: pay any debts and make sure any files, documents or emails that you need from your University provided email or storage (including your OneDrive) are saved somewhere safe. Your University account will close once you graduate and you will lose access to these services. Read on to find out more.

If you’re about to complete your course of study with us, there are a number of things you will need to do: Make sure you pay your printing debts!

Before you can graduate you must pay all your debts to the University - this includes any debt that you may owe CIS for your printing. You can request a refund of any remaining spare credits by visiting the IT Service Desk before you leave or Congregate. Please note there is no refund for departmental printing credits.

Don’t lose your files! Save them to your laptop, external hard drive or personal cloud storage NOW

If you want to keep any files that you have in your personal disk space (J: drive) or on your OneDrive, you must save them in a different location (e.g. on your own laptop, external hard drive or personal cloud storage), before your expected graduation date. If you need to keep any emails, you should forward these to a personal email address.

On your expected graduation date you will be reduced to basic IT access. This means that:

• you will no longer be able to log on to University PCs • you will have reduced access to duo (you will not be able to view any module/course documents) • you will have only remote access to email • you will not be able to access your J: drive • any copies of Office 365 that you have installed and activated through your University account will have reduced functionality - affecting your applications (Word, Excel, etc.) and your file and folder storage on One Drive. This means you will only be able to read and print documents and will not be able to edit, create or save documents or files until you activate Office software with a new subscription through either a work or personal account.

If you are leaving Durham, your IT account will close completely 7 days after Congregation. This means you will no longer be able to use your Durham username and sign in to your University account, your email address will close and you will lose all access to duo as well as any remaining access to files and folders stored in OneDrive. Your University provided subscription to Office 365 will also cease.

If you intend to return to Durham as a post-graduate student, you should apply for an extension to your account (you will still need to save copies of any undergraduate course materials before you complete your current course). Take a look at our web pages to find out what you need to do.

Society and non-personal accounts – make sure someone else can take over. Transfer responsibility to someone else before they close. You can also close or transfer ownership of mailing lists. Find out how via our web pages

Stay in touch – apply for an email address for life. Register with Dunelm, the online community, at

More information is available on our website:

Information for final year students leaving Durham University:

Information for those returning to Durham as a post-graduate student: If you would rather navigate to this information yourself, use the search term 'End of year notes' in the University web-site search box.

(2 Jun 2017)

Advance notice: ordering IT equipment before financial year end

If you require IT equipment or services before the end of this financial year (31st July), you will need to place your order with the CIS finance team before Tuesday 20th June. IT orders received after this date may not be processed in time to be included in this year’s budget.

To ensure the best possible service, the CIS finance team will continue to order goods after this date but these may be charged to the 2017/18 budget depending on date of receipt of the goods. If, after the 20th June, you have urgent orders please contact us to discuss further. 

As per University policy, all goods regardless of date ordered, must be received prior to 31st July to be charged to your 2016/17 budget. To reduce the risk of goods being unnecessarily charged to the 2017/18 budget it is imperative that you promptly inform the CIS finance team of all goods received during this period. Failing to inform us of goods received may result in missed accruals. 

Questions about this should be directed to the CIS finance team via email at or call extension 42726. 

We would like to thank you all in advance for your support during this busy period, and would like to take the opportunity to thank all those involved for your cooperation this financial year.


(25 May 2017)