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Solstice wireless presenting service available from 2nd October

You can now present content wirelessly from your laptop/mobile device to projectors in some teaching and meeting spaces across the campus. Read on to find out where you can try it and how to get started.

Solstice wireless presenting service allows you to present content wirelessly from a laptop or mobile device to the audio visual facilities (i.e. projectors & displays) in selected teaching spaces and meeting rooms across the campus.

It’s currently available in the following rooms (and more will follow as they are refurbished):

  • Calman Learning Centre - CLC013, CLC202, CLC203, CLC406, CLC407
  • Dawson Building - D210, D216, D217
  • West Building - W215
  • Bio-Sciences - BL201
  • Higginson Building - E245
  • Christopherson Annex - ENGEX1 (PC Classroom)
  • Al-Qasimi - IM101, IM102, IM201, IM222
  • Ushaw College - USHAW006, USHAW219, USHAW226, USHAW319, USHAW326
  • Mountjoy Centre - Holly 2
  • Palatine Centre - PC003

To use it, you need to be in one of the rooms it’s installed in, connected to the University’s DU Wireless service and either have the app on your mobile device or access it through your University laptop.

Full instructions and more information are available on the Audio Visual service catalogue page or use the term education audio visual services in the search field of the University website.

(12 Oct 2017)

Quickly connect with colleagues on campus and around the world. Interested?

Then why not give Skype for Business a go, if you haven’t tried it before. You can:

  • check at a glance if someone is free, busy or away from their desk
  • instant message with a colleague or group of colleagues
  • set up a voice or video conversation with your colleagues, including sharing your screen – all from the comfort of your own chair!

Skype for Business is installed on all staff computers (MDS Managed Desktop Service machines) and available via mdsanywhere. Existing users will notice we’ve enabled some new features - meeting recording and conversation history. Read on to find out more and see Skype for Business in action.

Save time, hassle and sometimes even money

You can use Skype for Business on a PC, Mac, phone or tablet and it’s convenient in a variety of day-to-day work situations. Here are two of our top tips:

  • Need a quick answer to a question or want to share a file or hyperlink easily? Send an instant message (IM). It’s efficient and less formal than email.
  • Arranging a meeting with colleagues from across campus or further afield? If you use Outlook, select the Skype meeting option in your Outlook meeting request and a link will be added automatically. Send the meeting request as normal and your invitees can click to join the conversation.

Catch a glimpse of Skype for Business in action in this 2 minute video and don’t forget to visit our Service Catalogue for more practical help to get started.

New from September 2017: Conversation History and Meeting Recording

Instant messages (IMs) will now be automatically saved in your ‘Conversation History’ folder in Outlook. So if you accidentally close the Skype window or lose your wireless connection, your conversations are no longer lost forever. You’ll know when a conversation you’re taking part in is being saved as you’ll see a notification message on your screen. Just like emails, anyone taking part in the conversation can save or delete their copies – simply use instant messaging in the professional way you use email.

We’re also giving you the option to capture audio, video, instant messaging and anything else you need to share using the Meeting Recording feature.

For more on all things Skype for Business, visit our Service Catalogue.

(12 Oct 2017)