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Durham City IT Service Desk open: Good Friday & Easter Monday

To provide support for staff and students working through the bank holiday, the Durham City IT Service Desk will be offering a counter services between 09:00-17:00 on Friday 3rd & Monday 6th April Read on for full details.

It will be a pared back counter service focusing on common issues which might disrupt your work including; wireless connection, printer issues, laptop issues, problems with open access room equipment and general queries. The replacement of campus cards, password resets and the telephone service will resume, along with all other services on Tuesday 7th April

(1 Apr 2015)

PC upgrades to library and Elvet Riverside classrooms

From 23rd March, the PC classroom on L3 (West Wing) of the Bill Bryson library & ER 150 and 151 in Elvet Riverside will be closed whilst the PCs are updated.

In order to provide a better experience in readiness for the revision and exam period for the summer term, the Library Level 3 PC classroom (West Wing) will be closed whilst the PCs in that room are upgraded. The classroom will be closed from Monday 23rd March to Friday 27th March and during that time alternative facilities can be found in Library Level 2 West Wing (eDen) 

At the same time, the PCs in rooms ER150 and ER151 will also be upgraded and these rooms will remain closed until the work has been completed. Alternative facilities can be found in ER156. 

The closures have been timed in an attempt to minimise disruption to students however we apologise if this causes any inconvenience.”


(20 Mar 2015)

Test your applications and functions in Office 2013

Office 2013 will be rolled out to all University desktops (NPCS machines) in open access areas and classrooms during the summer. In preparation, it will be installed in two rooms (1 in Durham and 1 in Stockton) from the 31st March to allow you to test the functionality of any specialist software and/or any advanced features you have set up in existing Office 2010 documents. 

Two classrooms, one at Durham City campus and one at Queen's campus will have Office2013 installed on a number of machines (one row in each room) from the 31st March. The reasons for this are to give those of you who either:

  1. have specialist software installed on NPCS machines, or
  2. have advanced features enabled in Office2010 documents (Word, Access, Excel, etc.),

the opportunity and time to check that your software and/or features still function as you would expect in Office2013.

What you need to do

If either of the above applies to you, make some time to go along to either room CM131 (Durham City Campus, Computing & Maths Building) or room D222 (Queen’s Campus, Ebsworth Building) and check your software and/or functions on one of the updated machines. These machines will be identified with signage.

If you find that things do not work as you expect, log a call with the IT Service Desk, proving details and referring to your testing them in Office2013 and someone will be in touch to help you address it.

To ensure there is sufficient time to address any issues before the start of the next academic year, can you please test and report any problems to the IT Service Desk before the end of June.

For information on the new features available in Office2013, take a look at Microsoft’s dedicated web pages.

Go to and use the search term ‘packagename 2013 quick start’ (e.g. Word 2013 quick start)

(20 Mar 2015)