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Durham University

Computing and Information Services


You will find the answer to many technical questions, on Microsoft 365 and other CIS services, in the Self-Service Portal. Simply type a keyword into the search box and look for the appropriate topic under Knowledge Base, if you don't see your question straight away, click the 'Show all search results' link to see more.

During the Covid-19 transition period, the CIS Collaboration team, along with our partners at Changing Social, ran a series of live demonstration and surgery sessions to help Durham University get quickly up to speed with Microsoft Teams. During this time we actively welcomed attendees to 'ask us anything', which we've since pooled into a dedicated Frequently Asked Questions page on the Learning Hub. If there's something you're unsure on and feel nervous about asking a 'silly' question, take a look and find out if it has already been asked.

Useful Advice

Online Meeting Etiquette

Running a large online meeting or event can be a daunting prospect. We've found the following etiquette helps larger meetings to run more smoothly:

Join the meeting on mute with your camera turned off (meeting owners have the option to mute individual or all participants)

Once the meeting is in flow, please keep comments in the chat panel to a minimum and allow the meeting chair/facilitator to accommodate questions at appropriate intervals.

To facilitate questions:

  • If you in a meeting with less than 10 attendees, unmute your mic to ask a question
  • If you are in a meeting with more than 10 attendees, use the raise hand icon to request permission to come off mute, or post your question in the chat panel

Working with External Guests

Team owners can add external guests to a Microsoft 'Team' by adding their email address. To participate in Team activities, the external/guest user will need to log in with a Microsoft account, or follow the steps to easily associate their non-Microsoft email address (e.g. and password with a Microsoft account by following the create a Microsoft account link.

Any member of the University can invite external guests to audio/video meetings, simply add the guest's email address to the meeting invitation.

If you want to have a 1-2-1 chat with an external guest in Teams, they'll first need to be added to the University's Microsoft 365 environment as a guest, by either:

  1. Adding the external email address to a Team
  2. Inviting the external guest to a Teams meeting