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Durham University

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Connect to your J drive on Linux

Connecting to your J: drive

This guide should aid you in connecting to your homespace externally using a Linux desktop environment.

Throughout this page we will refer to your Durham university computer user account username, you need to subsitute yours where we use <username>


Mate has a built-in function available from Places -> Connect to Server...that enables you to connect to many types of remote service and display files as though local to your desktop. Using this option we can connect to your J and S drives. This has been tested in the Mate environment distributed with Debian. Some instructions may vary depending on your operating system version.

Before you connect you will need to know the location of your home drive. To find this out, connect to the Linux remote desktop and shell service (Mira), open up a terminal window and type pwd. This should return a string looking similar to /home/homeblue*/*/<username> (if you are an undergraduate). This string will be needed later on and can vary depending on which server your homespace is on and your status within the university.

  • From the main Mate menu-bar select Places and Connect to Server...
  • Enter the following settings:
    • Service type: SSH
    • Server:
    • Port: leave this option blank
    • Folder: /home/homeblue*/*/<username>
    • Obtained via the pwd command
    • User Name: <username>
    • Bookmark: tick this if you would like to add a bookmark - enter a suitable bookmark name in the field below if you tick this option

  • Press Connect. You may get a warning message to say "The identity of the remote computer is unknown", our current server has an identity string of 'SHA256:0O0GwT1/ACqcpquM/SwZTmf8b4F36HnWjmHgKI7xPog'. If this matches, choose Log In Anyway.