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Durham University

Computing and Information Services

Frequently Asked Questions

+When can I register my network?

There is no deadline for registering your network. You can do it whenever you have time, and add more, edit and remove devices later as you decide to. You will, however, have to re-register your devices for the next academic year.

+What to do if I can’t reach LinkIT?

Make sure you’re connected to the university Wi-Fi, as the LinkIT portal is internal and cannot be accessed on any other network. If you’re still experiencing problems contact IT Service Desk.

+Can I still use LinkIT if I don’t live on Campus?

The LinkIT service is only available when connected to the Durham University wireless network. It is possible to register your devices even if you live off campus, for example you find yourself using multiple devices in the library - you can register your network there, but it will only work when you are on campus.

+Can you help me find the MAC address/add devices to my network?

We can only offer guides provided in the LinkIT pages on CIS. If your device isn’t listed try looking for how to find its MAC address online. If you’re experiencing any technical issues, contact IT Service Desk.

+How to find the MAC address of a device that isn’t included on the MAC address page?

Look for the instructions online or try following the instructions for a similar device from the list.

+How many devices can I add to my network?

You can add up to 10 devices.

+I have a Linux computer. Can I connect it to the network?

Yes. If you have difficulties finding its MAC address click here.

+Can I add a device that isn’t listed on the MAC address page?

Yes. Simply find its MAC address and add it on the LinkIT Portal.

+I’m not getting an email with the password. What should I do?

When you finished the device registration you will see a printer option with a drop down menu. Please select print / display password and you will see the device details and password on the screen. You can also edit the device and select the “Generate new password” option which will update the password and resend the email.

+Can I delete devices from my network?

Yes, when you log in to the LinkIT Portal:

  • Go to Manage Devices
  • Click on the device you wish to delete
  • Press “Remove”

 Note that you can choose to either disable a device or delete it permanently.

+Can I change the name of a device I have already added?

Yes, when you log in to the LinkIT Portal go to Manage Devices, click on the device you wish to rename then press “Edit”.

+Will I have to re-register my devices each term?

No, the password generated for a device is valid for one calendar year. You will only have to re-register your devices for the next academic year.

+I cannot connect to my printer from my laptop?

The preferred configuration is to have your printer connected to LinkIT and your laptop connected to DU Student. For personal printer discovery, your personal laptop must also be registered on the LinkIT portal which will enable your personal network to connect the devices.