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Computing and Information Services

How to find your MAC address - Microsoft Windows

Windows Vista and Windows 7

  • Select the Start menu, and in the search area type command and press enter.
  • In the black command windows Type getmac /v and press enter
  • Your MAC address will be a set of 12 alphanumerical digits (labelled Physical Address) such as 

These instructions will only work when connected to a network.

Windows XP

  • Click on the Start menu, and select Control Panel.
  • Double click on Network Connections.
  • Double click on Local Area Connection.
  • Click on the Support tab and then click on the Details button.
  • The Hardware Address is labelled Physical Address.

Windows 2000

  • Select the Start menu, and the Run... option.
  • Type winmsd
  • Click OK.
  • Open Components, Network, then Adapter.
  • From the right hand side of the window locate your network adapter.
  • The Hardware Address is labelled MAC Address under the adapter.