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Computing and Information Services

How to find the network socket on your PC

Some newer computers come with a network port built in - check your machine carefully for a socket that looks like a large telephone socket with a symbol of three computers connected to a horizontal line next to it - these are sometimes hidden behind a flap or on the corner of your laptop next to the modem socket.

They may also look like the following (the images link to larger versions):

[Example network port 1]

[Example network port 2]

[Example network port 3]

If you haven't got a network port already on your machine you will have to install a network interface card. These are available to buy from the IT Service Desk.

  • USB Adaptors simply plug into a USB port.
  • PCMCIA Cards for laptops slot in a free PCMCIA slot on the side of your machine.
  • PCI Cards are abit more fiddly and require you to open up your machine.

We would advise that you use a USB adaptor for ease of installation